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    Want to thank Rose for another We come in Pieces... DJ Session, you did great :) And the 4k Hof came right on Q as you asked for it :)
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    Help: Unlootable Great White Sharks

    Had this on a few mobs on Calypso. With only me on radar, killing mobs and not being able to loot them. On non shared mobs btw.
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    Entropia Directory Hiring

    I'd like to invite the newest member, Mavrik. A society of no drama, a few basic rules, and a place to have a chin wag. Maybe in future, big team hunts, to get ED back up and running :)
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    Entropia Directory Hiring

    Welcome aboard Rose, the chat will never be the same again :)
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    Achievement: Force Merge Unlocked

    On Saturday, thought I'd go for the final push to unlock the last unlock before aiming for Intuition. Done without skill pills, but the odd codex push on Cryo. And the video :)
  6. Entropia 2022-01-16 00.36.01.jpg

    Entropia 2022-01-16 00.36.01.jpg

    Force Merge Unlocked
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    A fat HoF on a Fat Falx, 4319 PED

    Got this last night, and it scared the pants of me :)
  8. Entropia 2022-01-16 21.15.37.jpg

    Entropia 2022-01-16 21.15.37.jpg

    4319 Ped Falx Mature
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    Quick to Quickness

    Lol, if it's like waiting for quickness, I'll be an O.A.P by then :)
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    Quick to Quickness

    After many long years, and done before the years end, hit this with the help of Codex reward.
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    Quickness at long last.
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    Uber: We come in Pieces... post here again after a long absence. 31375 ped FFA5 Spider

    A little into the run, after being mobbed by god knows how many spiders, the one I tagged was the biggy, I usually shoot the 20 ped ones as things like this pop :)
  13. 31k FFA5 Spider.jpg

    31k FFA5 Spider.jpg

    Blinded by the light.
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    Corrosive Attack Nanochip 9

    Doing a little hunt, adding creatures to the solo kill list (thanks Infamous for the fap for a couple of hours :) ) Few Daspletors, got the usual basic loot. Flew past the new Globster position on the way to the dasps, so decided to add Globster to the solo kill bucket list as well (long...
  15. Corrosive Attack Nanochip 9

    Corrosive Attack Nanochip 9

    Corrosive Attack Nanochip 9