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    Question: Memory Leak?

    Seems worst on Caly, there it can hit memory limit and crash out in an hour or two. On RT and Monria I can be running for >16hrs and no problems at all
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    UK IRL Meet

    Bit of a distance for me but I might be able to make it if work has in me in the area, put me down as a maybe-but-probably-not Steve
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    HoF: 891 Yulerium

    Not bad for only my second week mining!
  4. Sweating skill

    Sweating skill

    Screenshot proving sweat skill
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    Sweat gatherer Skill and Level Hall of Fame!

    Alusz has confirmed he's currently level 45 I'm level 40.8, 4556 points
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    Famous Entropians Part II

    I second Dan's nomination, also nominating Lara as she's almost as skilled as dan, and Alusz-Iphigenia as per
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    Entropia Universe 14.0.1 Release Notes

    Yes I'm getting this too, I also seem to be getting an issue where no matter what I set "Shoulder position" to in the creation room, when I appear in game it's like it was set all the way to the left ( low )
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    Entropia Universe 14.0.1 Release Notes

    Mine appeared in the creation room as it was yesterday, and yeah my eyes are a lot too dark too, couldn't find any controls for it so maybe a bug with the lighting
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    Entropia Universe 14.0.1 Release Notes

    You're offered the option at every logon
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    Server Are Down

    You start with your current avatar and can tweak it from there, or reset it completely, your choice. You're offered the chance to tweak it again at every logon
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    Server Are Down

    And servers are back up! Done my avatar re-make and much happier with the results this time!
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    Achievement: Specialist Sweat Gatherer

    As far as I can tell the sweating skill does absolutely nothing. I get the same probably of sucess and the same average pull as everyone else. The only skills that do seem to help are evade and HP by allowing me to live longer and so spend more time at the mob pulling
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    Achievement: Specialist Sweat Gatherer

    Mega was less than 0.002 levels behind me last night, I don't think you'll have to wait long!
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    Achievement: Specialist Sweat Gatherer

    Well I've been in game since '07 but I took a 2 year break at one point, so I guess about 4 years at 10+ hours/day
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    Achievement: Specialist Sweat Gatherer

    Finally got to level 40 sweat gatherer! I'm officially a "Specialist" - Big thanks to everyone who's helped me get here!