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    I'm Back.

    thank you for the replies, and yes, it is a very different game, now i gots to saves me spends to get me my drone hunting gear back, see you all soon, :D
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    I'm Back.

    Hello folks, been a long four years away, some of you may remember me, some may not, but it would appear that i have returned to Project Entropia, or Entropia Universe as you now call it. Hopefully some of my old buddies still play this, and hopefully i still have my old char, Murphy 'studley'...
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    Happy Birthday Qweeg!

    happy birthday qweeg, btw, i have returned to EU, :)
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    Im back

    lol i gave u all my efd for that
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    Im back

    a few of you may know, that the prodigal son has returned to EU, after about 6 months away, i decided to return, hope to see all you crazy lot on calypso, or CND, or CP very very soon, :) studley out
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    I'm Baaaaaack...

    nice one purple m8, celebratory pass to thy left, :)
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    My Best item (ESIs don't count) yet~

    nice one eli, well done on that, and ello btw, :)
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    DHI Vs Dome 4 at CP - My first HOF Inisde!!

    nicely done my friend, now, out of all the people on my FL, im the only one with out a bloody hof, why does MA victimise me, lol, nice one dom, :)
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    Trieng to exchange dung to house

    the probability of this succedding is very low
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    Revenge Is Sweet

    well done matey, u deserved that, keep em coming, :)
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    Just a little 155 PED global:) from molisk young;)

    nicely done sam, no angel arms this time then, :P
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    Praetorian Guard Christmas Cracker :)

    big up the PG, woot
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    Predator Armor Shop (Full Set TT+70)

    thats a nice armour right there, im gonna log and see the actual amount for one, :)
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    I crafted a corpse

    perhaps he had a heart attack becoz of all the failures from crafting he had, just a possibilty
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    1st HOF and it is uber!!!

    jager, u lucky devil, well done m8, hit another one, now its just me left of the old lith boys to get a hof, :(