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    What would you like to see in 2015?

    I think they should deliver what they promised in 2012. How's that official video coming along? You know, the one that was announced to be completed in November 2012??
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    Selling: Full vigilante set

    Bumping this
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    Selling: Full vigilante set

    Selling full vigilante set, fully repaired 435PED. As it's a full set at convenience, the price at only a few ped over MU is very reasonable. I will not sell individual parts, it's the full set only. Please PM me, I'll most likely be available on the weekend to make the transaction.
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    Social Interface Improvement Requests after Vu 14.6.0

    As always with fucking Mindark. IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FUCKING TRY TO FIX IT. There was NOTHING wrong with the old system. You can add certain features here and there without having to completely overhaul it and trash it in the process. There were already chat channels. Yes the rookie...
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    List of chat channels

    I haven't tried it yet, but oh dear... sounds a lot like EVE Online. What was wrong with the last system? I guess if all chat channels are not location dependent then it will make the universe seem more active after the introduction of planets spread all the players far and wide.
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    The Planet Calypso Story - Your Opinion

    I want to know your opinions. Do you follow the story of Planet Calypso, or do you not really give a toss about it and just play for the game? Do you like the back story, or do you think it's just there to cover otherwise unexplainable changes to the game?
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    Calypso - My BIG idea!

    I just avoid space altogether. I don't need to waste my time travelling between planets, if I want to check one out I'm more likely to just make another avatar to start on that planet with. The cost of fuel is already high enough, let alone the ridiculous danger of being in lootable pvp. It's a...
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    Entropia ad on Youtube vids...

    I haven't seen the new ads myself so I cannot comment with an opinion on them, but I think for those interested in this thread then it's worth a read of what's gone on in this area in the not-too-distant past...
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    Flying vehicles can be attacked by mobs now?

    Environmental damage isn't the same, it doesn't affect the TT value, whereas damage from attack does.
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    Flying vehicles can be attacked by mobs now?

    I thought aircraft were excluded from being able to be attacked by mobs. I was flying a group to Athena Spaceport when suddenly my gungnir was attacked and destroyed on the spot by mobs which took me by susprise considering it's normally an empty and quiet spot. Did I miss an announcement about...
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    Chest Size

    Since the avatar update chest size has been made extremely disproportionate. (Male avatars, unsure about female avatars). Even the skinniest of avatars still have a disproportionately large chest.
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    Gullaldr Shades are now broken since the recent avatar changes. One side is darker than the other, and they are no longer reflective.
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    Calypso Gateway

    Lieutenant Smith asks if you'd like to go to Port Atlantis which is incorrect as it now takes you to Camp Icarus. When you arrive at Camp Icarus via Lieutenant Smith you spawn on the ground and not on the landing pad.
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    New Avatar System bug

    I love how it made everybody fat by default, including all the NPC's! This is a classic example of MindArk ignoring the saying "If it's not broke don't fix it".
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    I wish that we would actually be listened to.

    What other official Planet Calypso website is there?