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  • Hallo trance - oje :/ schint is irgendwie aune nid so z loufe wis söu. Faus dr irgendwie cha häufe luege, gimer doch eifach eggdate düre, äntwäder hie im oder im de. Ghöre ja ab u zue s eint oder angere, villech wär ja öppis für dir drbi.
    Hallo SuNi, hoffä es geit Dir guät. I ha grad so my super bad phase, nid nume in EU ou im RL, muess bald ä Wohnig finge, or i stah uf der Strass.. Wohnigsverwalter si schlicht Bandite. Ok, wünsche Dir e guäti Zyt.
    lol, hallo Toni - ich wünsch dir ein schönes und erfolgreiches EU-Wochenende :)
    Hi SuNi! ä liebe gruess ;)
    Glad to see you on EF, How have you been lately, hope everything is ok now ... see you in Entropia soon :))
    Hi antanas - eeehrmmm, yes, i think you have other Onlinetimes as me.
    I am (most) daily online :) - only at WE i am, after Samday 14.00 MA-Time, not often on. I hope we see us in near Future.
    gl and happy Days wish SuNi
    Hi SuNi :)
    I have not seen you in game for a long time....maybe I have been playing with one eye closed :ahh:!
    Best wishes,I hope you are well :)
    Translations with Babelfish or other Tools/Progs can be very funny*g*
    or in german:
    Beid en Überstzern kommen meistens total andere Sätze bei raus, als gewünscht. Meist tritt man dadurch voll ins Fettnäpfchen...ich kenn mich da aus ;-)
    Hi Dear :)
    I white not whether it is interesting my English to read. It could prove as arduously, rofl. To see but you here - joy makes:)

    rofl, das war ne Babelfish - Uebersetzung. Ich hätts anders geschrieben *g*
    hey Antanas :)
    thx for the lie with the Language, lol
    *&%ç* - sry, but i dont find the Smileys now. This Site have TO MUCH Options for me. Boah, 1 Year+ EU and i cant bether english :(
    Hm, i think it is a "Vorteil" when the Partner play EU also. My Husband play it first, and after 3/4 Year i will it for my self. Now we are all day in EU and work a little for the Skills :)
    hey SuNi,
    I understand your English,it is better than my German ;)
    You see that I log in less often than you,so sry for not replying sooner.
    LOL...."normal people".....I agree that we are few in game :))
    My wife has gone out with her sister tonight so that is why I have the time to write this....I do not log into EU very often recently.
    Bye bye :)
    PS Where do you find the "smileys"(emoticons)
    hiys Antanas :)
    sry, i dont logg in here often - my english was to bad for writing in the Forum. The most time i read only and logg only in when i will see a Picture bigger, lol - For contacts or messages are Ingame or in the German-Forum bether :)
    And no - its a pleasure for me add "normal" People - i hope u know what i mean with this :)
    Here in the Forum i have so much rules and all in english - its very hard for understanding all - of this, i dont have a Ava on my Profile or write :( Bablefish are not really a help for this :(
    Anyway - it was a pleasure to read u and i hope we see us Ingame. Greez SuNi (the old Lady from Bern *g*)
    Hiya suNi !
    I googled your name as you suggested but allI got was this
    .....but it's avery nice
    I hope you don't mind but I have added myself as a friend.
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