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    Introducing Skrill

    Skrill option was disabled soon after and never mentioned again.
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    Suggestion: Slipper magnets

    I can see how they urgently reroute all the resources to implement this ASAP :)
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    Such things just tell you what is a meaningful amount of kills for this particular mob to start seeing better results. Because say 10k ped cycled on exarosaurs (100hp), atrox (1000hp) and warlocks (10000hp) are 3 massively different things with a different outcome.
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    Nothing restarts, it's a continuous process. It evens out to 95%+ due to the law of large numbers, not due to some magic or hidden mechanics. The "95%+" is the average value for the whole population though, not your personal "guaranteed", but the more you cycle personally the closer you get to...
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    Question: Entropialife Down?
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    Question: Entropialife Down?

    It stopped registering anything about 19 hours ago.
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    Question: Adj EP-41 vs L alternatives

    It's still the same amount of guns and same MU per day/week/etc unless adding amps would make you play less.
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    Question: Adj EP-41 vs L alternatives

    Nope. After adding the amp you now have 69.06% efficiency with LP-35 and 62.8 with EP-41, so the difference is 6.26% and you get 43.8 ped more tt back. In the end, it's exactly the same values as without amps because by adding them you just lowered the amount of needed guns for 10k ped which...
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    Question: Adj EP-41 vs L alternatives

    Let's say you cycled 10000 ped with each of the guns, unamped to simplify calculations. LR-35 has 7908 uses at 0.1218 ped/use, so you need 10.38 guns to cycle 10k ped. At 117% you paid 132 ped in markup and those ped are completely lost. But what about better efficiency, was it worth it...
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    Suggestion: Give us portable turrets...

    Give us portable bathtubs to drown the mobs.
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    Weapon Attachments Or Not?

    SKill Mod works only on unmaxed weapons which you should not use anyway. Top hunters use the rare top-tier attachments with crit buffs. Normal attachments are useless. Yes, they give a tiniest increase in efficiency and steal a tiniest portion of dpp, so neither really harm or benefit you much...
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    What the flying f' and how the all f's is this remotely acceptable?

    It was discussed and later tested on Cyrene's discord. Because let's face it, 99% of the playerbase couldn't care less about Cyrene and its items. Some people use them but hardly anyone would go into the trouble of testing something or updating some databases. I agree that Cyrene devs (not MA!)...
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    What the flying f' and how the all f's is this remotely acceptable?

    You play Entropia long enough to get used to stuff like this. If the bug that was first noticed in 2018 and confirmed in 2020 sets you off so much, imagine your reaction if you would learn about all the bugs that aren't yet discovered :)
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    The Enigma Keys

    The solution is at the bottom if this wiki page.
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    Looted Lore Logs From Yesteryear

    Any, literally everything on Calypso had a chance to drop the McGrangus logs during the Genesis event in 2012, and the Duchev logs during the Orb event in 2008. Still have quite a bunch of those, although not a complete collection.