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    Dotman / Second Earth

    Unfortunately improper sourcing online happens all the time at the expense of not only the original author, but of the community (not knowing where their information comes from). I've just grown accustomed to sourcing everything and requiring others to do so on my site, with a simple link to the...
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    Dotman / Second Earth

    While I appreciate people utilizing my own site to further their knowledge of what is going on in the greater industry, it is customary (and legal) to give a source for all such quotes. The above quote is directly taken from my site and written by my fellow founder and...
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    Things That EF Has That We Want in EU

    An invisibility cloak would be a nice feature in game for those moments when you just want to hunt or get some work done in world and not worry about all of the private messages! Out of world private messaging is essential, imho, to keeping a virtual world going even when the participants...
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    Your Favorite Ingame Moment...

    What a terrific topic! I honestly have too many 'Best Moments' to list after 4 years, but the ones that I honestly treasure in my memory are those of meeting specific people. Among those, there are some sad memories as well. The interesting aspect of virtual reality is that we can become so...
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    EU Press Kit

    new thread UPDATE: Thank you Admins for editing the post. Just to avoid any confusion, I've taken liberty of creating a new thread containing some commentary by yours truly as well as my original quotes, picture and links which can be found here...
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    Official Ma/eu Media Kit

    Hello to all of you Entropian enthusiasts! I recently attended the March 2007 Virtual Worlds Conference in NYC as media personnel and have done a bit of blogging and writing on the experience. I noticed that it has been popping up here and there, so I might as well post about it myself so that I...


    I received this press kit from MA's representative, Terpin Communications, following my media coverage of the '07 Virtual Worlds Conf. in NYC
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    EU Press Kit

    Thank you everyone for your enjoyment of the press kit that I received after attending the Virtual Worlds Conference in New York City with media priveledges. I went to great lengths reporting the conference, as it contained some excellent insight from industry personnel and analysts. Since...
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    Nea's thread

    Sry to hear this. She was logged onto another metaverse game we both play yesterday. Whatever may be the case, I hope Nea is well (or on the road to well).
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    Show us ya face!

    You're on :girl: Actually, if you do end up getting into riding, there are great ladies riding groups all over the place- some ride cruisers, some crotch-rockets. But it matters not- we all ride and for that reason, we all have a little bit of the same blood I suppose ;)
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    Show us ya face!

    It's all about the Alpine Stars! A lady has to look somewhat decent on her bike!
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    Comment by 'Svetlana' in media 'My R6'

    Oooh la la Dem!
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    Widescreen monitors

    You'll enjoy that... although the first day, if you're anything like me, it will take getting used to- you'll find yourself looking like a spectator at a tennis match- glance to the right, then quickly to the left, then right... then left! Right! Left! OMG So much screen!!! :D But yes, a big...
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    Happy Birthday Svetlana

    Dem- you have yourself a nice R6 there?? Mean, mean mean little beast! Tell you what, when I get my self over to Spain I'll look you up and we'll go for a ride through the twisties, if you can put up with my little Ninja :D
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    Show us ya face!

    Wow mates- some really nice photos posted lately. I am a sucker for these adorable baby/kid pics- too cute! I recently aquired yet another NEW bike... a Ninja again, but this time she's yellow (i've nicknamed her 'Lil Chick'). She and I are having fun getting aquainted with one another...