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    Bug or Feature?

    I'm with hijacker and rose on this one Regards Tees
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    Yoshii Lem please fix this...regarding like fryer Perry.

    Hi Yoshii you made this post on your Facebook a few days ago and after a few of us clarifying it is still up...reason to post it here is it will really clear it up and I'm sure Mike himself will stop by. Regards Tees
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    Selling: Genesis firefly Tier 8

    Nice knife shame you didn't sell when I contacted you.
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    Is anyone having trouble after updating their PW.

    i think they are just throwing random numbers at everyone about days to make it seem more legit rather than be professional and own up and say we have had a security breach and for security purposes please update your password as any professional company would do but MA's track record, dodgy...
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    Looter Professions and your % TT returns

    Hi 2 Hours...i hunt with an lr65 with and a Beta L Mayhem amp, what gave me the wake up call was yes 8 hours of continuous hunting and i got 1 global AFTER 8 hours. Not 1 global in 8 hours but AFTER 8 hours. and even that was of 60 ped, i wasn't willing to do another 8 hours or give them the...
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    Cant install EU error on launcher

    Hiya Hmm maybe do a complete uninstall and re download and install? Regards Tees
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    these trees are strong

    Hmm links dont seem to be working, would be interesting to see. Regards Tees
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    Does loot seem a bit sour lately or is it just me.

    best way is to just uninstall it as it will be a headache to re download again 2 days will let you pass the 3 day craving period and break the addiction cold turkey, 4th day you will feel fine and will hear the birds chirping sun shining, people walking past the real sound of chitter...
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    Response on Bad Loot and my MA tracked 91% Returns
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    Response on Bad Loot and my MA tracked 91% Returns

    maybe they are saving up to pay the big fine for the data breach they had and didn't notify anyone ?
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    Achievement: Great Grand Master Pyro (120)

    wow nice one forgo big gratz Regards Tees
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    Buying: Dehera Immolation Sword

    win win win
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    Buying: Dehera Immolation Sword

    hi quite sure i saw one in auc yesterday if im correct have look still might be there Regards Tees