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    Imp Did What????

    very entertaining I must say. Thank you and congratz Regards Tees
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    Some sad news

    Just got home a little while ago and heard this news, No idea why but it hit me quite hard and put me on a right downer, maybe because I was involved with him quite a lot lately and we spent quite a fair amount of time doing things and to suddenly hear he is no more. Thoughts and prayers are...
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    In Memoriam Frank JJ The Greatest

    Sincere said by others cancer is a real mofo...I lost my father a few weeks ago to it. Head high stay strong. RIP JJ Regards Tees
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    Ah the good old days!

    When land grabs were like this When you could line up people and give them a disciplining like this When you could eat pom pom in broad daylight while getting fapped so you don't suffocate like this When anytime you wanted your ass whooping by a she male you could turn up in the ring...
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    Face tattoos

    wow didn't realise this thread existed, I remember I had a Tiger mask when i was Crouching Tiger if one can be made like that it would be great. Not sure if trance made it or Saphira but it was a long time back. please do get in contact to discuss further Regards Tees
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    Selling: SOLD

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    Selling: SOLD

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    Suggestion: Prioritize fixing Cyrene - I'm done!

    That won't happen here has there is too much devide and greed...too many people on opposite ends in the same place...we are not on the same side...the big investors are living in a fantasy world holding out for something to give that just might help them withdraw and busy feeding the rest how...
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    Best way to spend 20-30k PED?

    best way to spend it is don't spend it in this place at all. utilise it in real life where it will actually benefit you and you will genuinely be rewarded.
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    Face to face with the President of Virtual Reality -

    the absurdity of this place just never ceases to amaze... ?‍♂️
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    Selling: SOLD

    Hi as above great tier rate tt+700 Regards Tees
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    Suggestion: Prioritize fixing Cyrene - I'm done!

    I'm sure all the planet partners in the beginning had a special relationship and mindark was pulling their weight and showing how good they are until they were tied in too deep and then... Just like certain players who were MA bum chums where they hung out in the evenings together...Where are...
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    Suggestion: Prioritize fixing Cyrene - I'm done!

    Is there anything that ever gets done right or right first time?? seriously what the hell is going on in this place? surely all this cant just be a coincidence, maybe a ploy to drive people away and then shut down rather the other way round because you cant have this many f ups in a row as a...
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    Uber: Two nice hofs

    Nice runs