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    Should MA switch back?

    Lag is fixed? I played last night, first time in months, and had plenty of lag. :scratch2:
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    Sooo does voice chat work or what?

    If you want to pay more, to get less, that is your perogative. :)
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    Sooo does voice chat work or what?

    Just send me your peds. I will let you use my voice chat system and it already has team capabilities. Or, download it and use it for free, it's called Teamspeak. ;)
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    Uber: Atrox Young 7066 PED

    Gratz on the very nice troxie. :yay:
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    Uber: 8272 PED Formicacida Strong

    Gratz on the nice uber!! :yay:
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    Tracker shows more then 50% player drop in hunting globals!

    Bad loot has caused me to significantly decrease my ingame time. :(
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    Uber: My second uber HOF was Spider Bomber gen 01 with 7330 ped

    Gratz on the nice loot!! :wtg:
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    Unlocked Kill Strike!

    Gratz on the nice unlock! :wtg:
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    lucky come back and EU b-day :)

    Gratz on the nice loot!! :wtg:
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    Uber: 7938 PED Big Bulk

    Gratz on the nice loot!! :yay:
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    Question: Will you use voice chat?

    I can run TeamSpeak for free. Both the server and the client. So, no! :mad: I can't believe they want us to pay for voice chat. MA never ceases to amaze me. :(
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    Discovery: UL Breer P4a

    Gratz on the nice find!! :wtg:
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    Help: Hanne! Stop the society nerf in the new forum:)

    Yes, bring it back please. :)
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    Unclarity with Loan at NEVERDIE Bank.

    What he said is correct. :wise:
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    ATH: Arbers, what a waste of ped

    Gratz!! :drool: