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    Help: Vehicle RK-0 or Higher?

    So no skill pill then RK-0 all day. Skill pill, max reload then RK-25. At least that is what I do and find works best. I wouldn't waste a skill pill with RK-0 I'd challenge this thought with unlocks and set up. You can gain an incredible amount of skill per ped with RK-25 if you have...
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    Entropia Universe 17.22.0 Release Notes

    Are you aware of the current bug where Meta codex is capped at 751 for some reason? So people at 751 can't get Meta codex anymore from any new mobs you add or current ones. Hope this is fixed cause it puts a damper on new content when the rewards don't apply to the dedicated players. Thanks
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    No Evade on Shared Loot ?

    20% of 0 is still 0. Just remember if a mob never misses you then the bonus doesn't do anything. That old evade thread by Doer on everything you need to know about evade has pretty much everything in it...
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    Weird Game Crashes/Shutdowns

    Yea similar type situation. Everything is fine you do something then immediate shutdown. Not sure if related but any info helps perhaps some server problems. I'm trying to figure out the cause of it or if my own issues. Just not sure what causes immediate game exit with no errors or...
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    Weird Game Crashes/Shutdowns

    Anyone experiencing weird game crashes? Just now when arriving at a ranger kill on cyrene I went to switch weapons and game shut down. As if I pressed Alt F4. No error message, not freezing before hand. Just an instant game exit. A few days ago I experienced this in space as well when...
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    Found an OLD LT just now!! Exarosaur Dominant Elite

    Kinda figured that was the mechanic since almost everything works that way there. Just odd mob choice. Was really hoping for a HOF to make everyone go wait what :) An Exarosaur Elite is an LT. It's the same mob design, HP. Exa Elite were discontinued and renamed LT. So to see an Old LT...
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    Found an OLD LT just now!! Exarosaur Dominant Elite

    Was doing some exploring/hunting and turn around too see this beauty!! I wasn't playing Entropia yet when the Old LT's roamed. So was really shocked to see one standing behind me just now. So I managed to get a scan :)
  8. OldLT2N.jpg


    Old Exa LT
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    Question: Should botting/ automated hunting be allowed?

    No successful MMO is a PvP game because there is NO market for it. WoW is NOT a PvP game :ROFLMAO: The majority of players play WoW for PvE and that rate is over 90%. Less than 10% of the player base does PvP. Even though I have mainly PvPed in WoW since 2006. I am not foolish enough to not...
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    The elephant in the room

    This statement bothers me from a gamer MMO perspective. Since the more skills you have the more valuable attributes are. I'm sure you are familiar with EHP (effective health pool) from playing games or MMO's over the years. You are aware that if you have 50% damage reduction adding just 1 %...
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    The elephant in the room

    10.8 HP 1 stamina = .108 HP Was rereading this gem of a thread and noticed this.
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    The hamsters

    No server related issues just lag everywhere the past 24 hrs. Running Auto loot and it's not picking up the mobs for sometimes 5-6 secs. I've run out of range only to have to go back and wait for my Auto loot to pick up the mob from the lag.
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    Question: What has happened to the TWEN items?

    Idk there was still a lot of players outside of Mayhem too doing TWEN. I was, yet nothing dropped for anyone. :unsure: Maybe we shouldn't of been doing it at all it seems. Would of been nice if MA told us drops were turned off at the start of Mayhem. Also Mayhem is exceptionally boring...
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    Can't Enter Mayhem the past 12 hours and finish

    Well people do want their bunny and to finish the event. A lot of people are only a few 1,000 pts away from completing after weeks of work and can't get in.
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    Can't Enter Mayhem the past 12 hours and finish

    I've submitted a bug report and hopefully the event will be extended!