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    Entropia Universe - Client Loader

    I always wondered if anyone is paying for those ad banners in the loader. If so, they should be outraged that nothing in the client loader will open in a browser once IE11 is uninstalled. Come on MindArk!! How about moving into the 21st century and recognizing that not even Microsoft likes...
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    Hopefully this will replace the entropiawiki map for day to day use :zzz: Great idea and good luck! +1 rep
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    LBML website having security issues???

    These should all be false positive detections due to the code used. I have used it somewhat recently and have added the site to any safe lists required to make it work. It's too damn useful to discard otherwise.
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    List of good and other developments of the Universe

    Should the Codex really be referred to as "the new iron mission system"? That's my only point to make. I'll let the more experienced members fill out the lists. Good luck with this!
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    FYI: Gottenborg, we have a problem!

    I find the mention of an 'upcoming VU' more disconcerting then anything else mentioned. :eyecrazy: Is it a bad thing when a new update is feared by the players? :scratch2:
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    MMORPG Column - Entropia Universe: Update and Crafting -

    LMAO... Did anyone scroll down and read the comment posted by Eric_L8s? Now that is a helpful review! :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
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    FYI: Gottenborg, we have a problem!

    Everyone assumes that MA doesn't give a shit or that it is in some way more profitable for them to keep things as they are. Most forget the more obvious probability that they have no idea how to fix it.
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    Recent vandalism to EntropiaWiki

    That would have to come from the wiki admins that have access to the vandal's IP address. I see several names being used recently, all with the same MO. One wiki username gets banned, just create a new account and keep going.
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    Recent vandalism to EntropiaWiki

    Thanks for putting the young back in the chart. I finally got the Primordial Longu fixed. Some formatting got lost and everything was left aligned. If you check the history, the asshole deleted all the text, including the mission reward & points tables. If something seems 'not right' in the...
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    Recent vandalism to EntropiaWiki

    There appears to be a great deal of vandalism to the wiki just recently. A few people have been making corrections and I applaud their efforts. I have figured out how to restore a couple items but the Primordial Longu entry needs formatting. If someone knows how to fix that for me, it would be...
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    Does loot seem a bit sour lately or is it just me.

    I've had it happen before. It's freaking weird.
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    Video sponsored by MA?

    He did make it an entertaining review of the game.
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    Response on Bad Loot and my MA tracked 91% Returns

    Where do we find a guide for various mob deficit values?
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    FYI: Planet Calypso forum Data Breach

    I was notified by Firefox via email and changed my password. I'll change it again when it seems appropriate to do so. This isn't the first data breach my information has been compromised in and I highly doubt it will be the last.
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    Response on Bad Loot and my MA tracked 91% Returns

    Everything boils down to the Black Box Formula. Nobody knows what is in it. MA can change it on a daily basis if they so choose. They will not tell anyone if or what was changed. How many Black Box Formulas are there? At least 3 I would think: Hunting, Mining, Crafting I remember early on in...