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    Info: Mob Level and Skill Gain

    Kill skill.
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    Info and Summary on the 2013 Skill Nerf

    It's long overdue.
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    My Disciple has issues with MS "MacReady"

    I think the whole text reeks with attitude and ignorance on both sides. pilot and passenger deserve each other.
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    "Borrowed" Checkbox in Trade-Window

    No. It is not how it is now. Your deluded. We didnt shit gold out of our ass, at whim, 8 yrs ago. If this were true, ever, EU wouldnt spawn such bitter, disillusioned old-timers such as yourself. As it has been said a thousand times to anyone who ever listened, it would give the few people...
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    "Borrowed" Checkbox in Trade-Window

    if borrowing were introduced, every high end item would end up in the hands of a few individuals. It would kill the game.
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    Real reason for stagger ban.

    The real reason for Stagger ban is that he is finding life very hard to cope with.
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    Herman RAW-404

    I cant imagine this has much value above tt :scratch2: Maybe you could ebb some MU from a rarity point perhaps (I dont know if theres many of them around?) but its stats are awful. Who would want it? And for what reason?
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    Pricecheck: Baringer SR51

    To be fair you need to compare BLP with BLP, or laser with laser. You should also for the sake of transparancy compare tier for tier. If your going to put a dmg enhancer on your tagger, you wont care if its not a Baringer you'll still do it. The IFF8k would still be the choice weapon for laser...
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    Disney buying ‘Star Wars’ maker Lucasfilm

    I'll be in my retirement years and new Star Wars films, series/animations, will still be coming out. Im happy.
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    Jet pack in EU???

    I will humour you and reply. A more efficient, and this time legit, form of VTOL exploit, on a grand scale, on any mob, anywhere, by anyone. I do honestly beleive, even the most innocent of EU participants know why the Jetpack hasnt been implemented yet. Theyve been requested for as long as...
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    Question: Attribute tokens vs Skill points

    Absolutely. As example if you have 10k in one skill, adding a 20 ped chip to it is meaningless, but receiving 1 full attribute point is priceless. But when you have 2k in the skill, that 20 ped chip outweighs the attribute. It's a very personal decision, and one that should be taken with a long...
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    Jet pack in EU???

    Jetpacks are the ultimate exploit tool. To MA's absolute shame they wont ever be implemented. you can bet every ped you own that JP's were designed, tested and discarded before the first ever VTOL was evened spawned inside an EU test server.
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    Looking for RL food recipes.

    Well, there goes the faggots. Feijoada, Brazilian Black Bean Stew Recipe prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 5 hours Black beans are a must in this recipe if you want it to be authentically Brazilian. A Portuguese version uses white beans, however. Ingredients 1 pound (450 grams) dry...
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    MindArk Buys Back Calypso Land Deeds

    This is a disgraceful response. If you cant handle the pressure of a forum filled with high octane members then stay out, dont interject with rubbish like this. Not neccessary, - rep.
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    Ammo-loot bug explained?

    It doesnt mean this. They way i understood Kim's statement, was that the loot layer awards you an item from its particular list, each layer probably has a set list with value criteria, lets say between .20 pec to .24 pec in this example. If you receive an item worth .22 pec, the additional layer...