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    Info: Tribute to DJ Izzy

    Oh , You made post with all info. :hug: I think is fantastic idea! I will definitely try and be there.
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    Memorial For Izzy - 21:00 MA

    I was contacted in game last night, that a Memorial Service for Izzy will be Saturday, at 21:00 MA at Fort Argus TP . Will be hosted by Eleni who has set up Izzy's playlist he played and what she could remember he liked in music. She has a radio site she will be playing from, in his honor...
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    How CODEX META Human Are You? Highest Known!

    Well, I think with Meta you can go 2 points in 2 hours as I did and would be more like a public scorecard list really, I don't understand what "updating" what someone posts is about at all. Why do you say "updated?" Just me , I guess.
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    Info: Toulan crafting yields bounty exploit - confirm?

    Ahhhh, I see (now to the Buying thread for me )
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    Question: When will hangars have a useful purpose again?

    Oh interesting. How much were those back then?
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    Proof that picking up Common Dung improves loot

    Folks laughed but I said this long ago! "NYR fruit theory" Just :eyecrazy:
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    Info: Toulan crafting yields bounty exploit - confirm?

    I don't even give a hoot. Can we please make loot weigh less ( same as NI) so when I am grinding I do not have to either: * Go to TT * Put in vehicle storage Is truly annoying
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    How CODEX META Human Are You? Highest Known!

    This is a bit ridiculous as We all have META. Please continue though.
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    New York Rose Live!

    Thursday Bump! I am live come check it out!!! New York Rose Live Now! New York Rose Live NOW! Come checkout "Happy Hour" and enjoy.
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    Nice Evi HOF

    Gz! Nice one. :wtg:
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    Uber: Two nice hofs

    Big Gz SubZero! :yay:
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    Buying: Omegaton Igni L1100E

    I have a ( L ) one of this but I believe you are looking for unlimited? GL Free bump
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    Achievement: lvl 100 dmg

    Gz Bella! Well done. :wtg:
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    New York Rose Walk on!

    That is fantastic!!! Yes, I am live now!
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    Need Loan, have collateral.

    So, is it a player you are buying this shop from and couldn't you offer same deal to them or no? I would think shop owner given the above information and collateral would work something out? Few extra days..hold collateral? ( P.S. I did get a bit of a giggle when you wrote you'd be willing...