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    FFA rewards

    This! ^^^ I thought they should carry over but that is exactly right and great point.
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    RZZR Radio

    WOOT! Tuned in! :dj:
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    Fundraising PED till december 24, 2021.

    Just stop......Stop it.
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    News: 10 Year Space Anniversary Event

    That sounds exciting! :handgun: Great update and exciting content. :woot:
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    News: Server Downtime for Release

    That was my guess and maybe terminals or bldgs put in.
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    Question: How far can a PP reach go ?

    Go off it again..I added to it as it is very odd.
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    Question: How far can a PP reach go ?

    I have never seen a PP/EU Dev partner jump to a MS , "Oh please..let me repair it for you" on anyones MS. in a far out Space station. Yes, I have seen EU officials heal at events to Everyone..but not and nor can this be justified in all good conscience and fairness. This would show the...
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    Question: How far can a PP reach go ?

    I think the issue is if players are playing properly within the rules a developer from Monria or NI PP can not step in and use their advantaged EU abilities to help one set against another and show either favoritism live on a Twitch stream or any other way in the game in regards to player trust...
  9. Favoritism by Dev and PP

    Favoritism by Dev and PP

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    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    Now, that would be exciting! Great idea.
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    Suggestion: Clean the game from Alts.

    In my opinion, I see many 'caves" being used as botter and macro paradises. When I especially see certain Globals and HoF's it is almost a joke amongst players who see them. ;) Then player will run back to PCF and post their Meta or level achieved and it truly is bad form. With that being...
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    Price Check Price Check - Silver Crown of Sahar - Monria

    First of all. Congratulations on find! Best bet is to inquire with Monria forum or DME to determine that 'Price Check". Well done! :wtg:
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    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    Hahahaha My hunting style is unique.
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    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    Ohhhhhhh super exciting news! I love it out there! I used to have so much fun team hunting the Furors there years ago, :yay:
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    Planet Calypso from on top of Crystal Palace Dome 2

    Great picture!! 🌏