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    OLA#44 [200,603] deATH ahead - New Naming & Rewards!!

    Congratulations on the new naming of LA #44! ~deATH ahead~ Sounds like some nice incentive rewards and good fun. :wtg: Please register: New York Rose
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    Entropia Merchandise

    Oh wow!! That is a fantastic screenie.
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    Entropia Merchandise

    Ohhh reprint ..reprint!! I would love to have a copy of those posters and figurines. ( What mob is that whale looking one on left poster? I'm thinking it could be 2 mobs possibly, I am not sure though )
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    Cerberus Streaming

    Cerb bought Salami for stream, you wont't want to miss the fun.. Check preview:
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    New York Rose Live!

    Rock Block and More!!!
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    Can we get some love for c3rberu55 and his wacky Youtube Vids!! :) ;)

    He almost looks sane there! LOL :p Love Cerb's stream :wtg:
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    HoF: Interesting story..

    Big Gratz!! That's a nice HoF! :wtg:
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    You are invited

    Congratulations to you both! :yay: Will be looking forward to the stream. :woot:
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    Great taming! Way to go :)
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    Info: Next Island Fun

    Next Island is cool but just in case anyone is wondering, this from Devs: NextIslandDevToday at 3:18 PM Hello Next Islanders, We have adjusted the total damage output of the AoE attacks of the Enslaved Daudaormurs, lowering it to be more reasonable. However, due to a small one digit typo, the...
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    My first discovery... in cyrene

    Big Gratz!!!! :wtg:
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    Returning to Entropia

    Welcome Back! I think you will love the Codex and Auto Loot features most. Enjoy!
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    M-Matrix amps not working

    Just seen this post..Yes, was not working or sometimes working. I have Delta