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    Do you influence your finding or system has it fixed for you ?

    maining is a total pain now.. MA realy killed it. Where is the fun to drop 10 no claims (by droping both at same time), and then get a claim level2 on calypso, where mining always was nice to mine there? also Preamped finders are a bad joke now. I realy wish they would go back to the mining...
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    Beware the Argonaut Cave

    Argo youngs and it is NNE of PA on a small island. You need to visite a NPC to get the daily mission there on the outpost.
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    Do you think the makeup system should be improved?

    This is made with new system we have now, but it was a pain to do with the zooming we have now. Those other mask are made with old make up system.
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    Question: Public Survey - How have you been depositing since Paypal was removed?

    paypal was so easy for me to deposite. Now i need to use a expensive CC, what cost a lot of taxes. I get money from my customers in paypal, so it realy was the best paymethode for me. Now it start to be complicate again.
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    "Tattoo You in EU"

    The current make up system is realy bad! Agree with your post!
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    Response on Bad Loot and my MA tracked 91% Returns

    I enjoy my break from EU. Thanks to bad loot MA!
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    Guess My Return EVENT (Free Guess & Win)

    62% return
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    Response on Bad Loot and my MA tracked 91% Returns

    Do you realy think, i want hunt Puny creatures, after 15 years of play EU. I'm also more a miner as a hunter. So do you think i want mine with rocky finder. Sry no!!! How i wrote in last post, there are plenty of cool games out, and i will focus more on this. I'm not a melkcow for ubers and MA...
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    Response on Bad Loot and my MA tracked 91% Returns

    TY MA for super bad loot. Now i have plenty of time to play other games. I just find out, there are a lot of funny games, where you dont get a feeling to be a mega looser.
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    Server Downtime for Patch

    Time to slow down the big greedyness?
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    Does loot seem a bit sour lately or is it just me.

    My payback get also not better. Near everything i do end up in minus. And i mean a big minus, not only some %. MA, what are you doing? Do you want that most of us start to play other games? If yes, then continue with that greedy loot. At least, at the moment i try to find other funy games to...
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    Mining Strongboxes

    Got since months no mining box, and i realy cycled a lot probes/peds.
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    Server Downtime for Maintenance

    End of the greedyness in mining? If yes, i start to continue to play!
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    FYI: Planet Calypso forum Data Breach

    It should give 10 years of prison for illegal hackers. Also email spaming should give 2 - 5 years.
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    FYI: Planet Calypso forum Data Breach

    I got This message from Firefox monitor: Planet Calypso Datenleck hinzugefügt: 12. Januar 2020