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    Selling: Closed

    I am on right now.
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    Selling: Closed

    Hi all, The Dehera Immolation Sword is currently Tier 5.03 with an awesome TIR of 142/200. This is being sold without amp or enhancers but I've included a picture so you can see the possible efficiency of 61.9% (with a Melee Trauma 6, enhancers, and M-Matrix). SOLD FOR BUYOUT. Fi/Ra/Co Evil...
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    News: The Mul's are Back, Again!

    I think the 99% of players that don't PVP deserve some access to codex once a year.
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    most misspelled Entropia words

    Que instead of queue.
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    Selling: [Eron SoulSplitter] Tier 2.87

    What is the gender of the armour?
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    Selling: CLOSED Ravenger Mini-Sweeper V1, Adjusted T6.99 (Adj V1)

    My buddy had one. It is so much fun to shoot and gratifying results. I'll keep an eye out for a SB/BO.
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    EntropiaGold's: GoldGrinder - The Ultimate Grinder Event

    That was going to be my question. Is it one point per global? Love your events Ms. Pudding! I can't wait to participate
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    News: Preview of Upcoming Interface Changes

    I'm sure it's been mentioned, but we'd be grateful if the buff icons would be a bit larger and color coded for easy recognition. It should be much easier to recognize if I'm missing a skill pill, or a reload, crit buff. ^^^^ These are a bit tough to decipher at a glance.
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    News: Preview of Upcoming Interface Changes

    My biggest request is that there is the ability to fully resize the UI and have excellent options for customization. I've been playing on a lower resolution for so long now because I can't see icons at 1440p. Looks like a very nice effort so far!
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    Selling: Closed

    Hello all, I've decided to change up my gear and it's time for me to part with my beloved Arson Chip 3, TEN Edition, Tier 7.14. Not in a hurry to sell and don't really want to sell. This has been a perfect match for my pistols. Buyout is +8500 You can PM me here or contact me in game. Luri...
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    entropia wiki sub pages do not work

    How much is this killing business? People who want to trade items often need to check the Wiki to see if the items will work for them.
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    Selling: Damage enhancers

    Thanks for the great deal today!
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    FYI: Easter mayhem 2021 and ring 2021

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    FYI: Easter mayhem 2021 and ring 2021

    So it increases critical damage and decreases critical damage by 15%. It seems like a wash on paper. What exactly will that do?