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    Gold Rush Points?

    Max is 250 i think. And its better like that, the big multis make too much a difference and giving out just small ones puts in value the gear.
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    Proteron Young

    Fat one Mav. Killed tons but nothing that big. Huge gratz!
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    smartphone suggestions

    Cant believe you wrote like 10 pages for a 50$ phone.
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    Buying: Arkadian golden key

    Dont do it!
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    Buying: Tezlapod pet or lock capacitor

    Crit dmg increase 5% , 10% and 13% + another healing buff, read it here
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    Price Check Mayhem Scintillator Heliotrope

    I dont know what have you been drinking but putting a 68.5 dps / 62.2 eff weapon on a 50-60k its like 200m autoloot combo of that nuts guy. You are confusing the weapon with this one
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    FAQ with MindArk

    The beauty of entropia (the randomness) died with 2.0.
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    Drop L items as a "tokens"

    Bad ideea!
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    i2870 (Omegaton M2870 Improved)

    I am the state police. And fyi its against forum rules to reply to an dead thread and it should be closed.
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    Loot Raffel on Cyrene

    A raffle is not gambling.
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    BP-70 Perfected

    Dont run away with it :D
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    i2870 (Omegaton M2870 Improved)

    you do realise you just woke up an 2011 thread
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    Comment by 'unufain8' in media 'halfmil.jpg'

    Gz vampy
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    Question: Black Friday??

    moar beggars
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    Migration 2021

    Modified Mercenary EWE EP 40 Big gz Sean! MM does it well in 2.0 also