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    Entropia Gold's NEW Event: HOFF's HOF OFF - 5 Land Areas & 5 Different Mobs!

    Sign me up, sounds fun! Wallin Rigu Dimas
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    EntropiaInvest's Epic Globals Roulette : Win Big Prizes on some Lucky Global Numbers!

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    Zip's weekly ongoing 30% backtax event!

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    The Ministry's society shop, Genesis Amethera HQ B building shop 4

    New item ADDED! New items now in stock 3x [ArMatrix B-Amplifier 8P (L)] @ 132% Below AH price :yay::yay:
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    Pricecheck: Summer Ring 2017

    Thank you Zoophon for posting the stats, In my excitement I forgot the most basic of things to do. Also, there's a pricecheck sub?! Wow. Shows you how much I know about how to use the forums :dunce: Thank you for helping and pointing out my errors, I do appreciate the help, both constructive...
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    Pricecheck: Summer Ring 2017

    So I looted a summer ring and couldn't find any sales info on it, nor in forums. This is NOT a sales thread, I'm curious as to what it's worth on the current market. :yay: If I can get a good idea on the value I'll post another thread, this time selling it. :cool: Thanks in advance! :yay:
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    Help: Looking for information regarding two society's

    I'm actually a newer member of LR, we're still kicking around. Been a member for a loooong while now, yep. I'll get the word out you're back.
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    Is this a discovery? [Dominax Original Moccasin]

    Ahh you're right! So not a discovery, or a rare hof (?) but very cool nevertheless :laugh:
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    Is this a discovery? [Dominax Original Moccasin]

    So I just looted a [Dominax Original Moccasin], basically the same stats as the L version, but I didn't get a single rare item hof or discovery hof. Has anyone looted this before? And a side question what do you guys think the mu would be?
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    EntropiaFund Bonus Events

    I'd like to join up too Wallin Rigu Dimas
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    OLA Casino - Registration

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    /SIG\ Cash Presents The Cash-O-Mania Earn 1000's of Ped,CLD's,AUD's & 50% Of All LA Profits + Complete 3 Iron Missions @ Once

    Sign me up too! Wallin Rigu Dimas Sponsor: Jayson jayborg Dening Gotta love me some BBQ!:ahh:
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    Iron Challenge: Bercycled Stage I-V

    Register me aswell Wallin Rigu Dimas
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    Buying: Thunderbird (M) UL Parts

    Hi! I'm looking to buy some Thunderbird UL (M) Parts I've got the footguards already so need the other parts Parts I need: Helmet Arm Guards Gloves Harness Thigh guards Shin guards PM Me if you're looking to sell! :yay: