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    Creature Combos - Steady winnings up to 500 ped/hour!

    Beta Binx Breaker
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    Achievement: lvl 100 dmg

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    Selling: Eon M, 6-Piece set 40k SB

    This the same set that was on sale for 26k for months?
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    How big of a ped cycle is needed before you would typically see ~95% Returns stated by MA.

    they more than likely have a system wide %cap much like a slot machine doesn’t care “who” is playing it.
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    Afroman's Hunting Log 2020

    could you give detail about what % of the months turn over was in taxed lands?
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    Selling: Adjusted Vigilante + low level Armor Sets

    Hey sorry, ended up finding a use for it. Will update thread.
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    Afroman's Hunting Log 2020

    MU is still a figure that should be tracked alongside the TT, but my main point is what ratio of this was hunted in 5% taxed areas, this can have a big effect on the end of year % we see.
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    Afroman's Hunting Log 2020

    And that is why logs like this are damaging to the game, it is only showing half of the picture. MU needs to be factored in to give a proper idea of cost to play, and full disclosure of if runs took place on taxed land etc.
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    Modified Vigi

    its been around for a few years now
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    Selling: Improved Imperium M set

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    Selling: Improved Imperium M set

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    FYI: Mayhem Bug - Use of Arso chip to kill Hispidus results in loss of the 250 point bonus.

    happened to me, thought i was losing my mind, thanks for sharing.
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    Selling: Improved Imperium M set

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    Selling: Arsonistic 3 Ten - Tier 5.4x

    Looking for some upgrades so sadly this has to go, MA kindly gave this chip a nice buff by making missed shots not cost anything (missed as in firing at the ground etc.) 6.5k takes it but feel free to pm offers
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    Selling: SOLD - Mod 2350 Tier 1.99