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    Old Fred Action at Atlas

    Need a view with more Old Fred in it.
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    Old Fred Action at Atlas

    dunno what i'm doing wrong and why no thumbnail. Edit some searching fixed it.
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    Old Fred Action at Atlas

    Old Fred at Atlas
  4. Entropia 2022-07-23 23.44.39.jpg

    Entropia 2022-07-23 23.44.39.jpg

    Old Fred hunt Atlas
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    Khorum Coast on Austin TX news!

    Dude one Reddit chick thinks your better than her whoring, drug addicted husband. Plus I think you said your hitched already. Only way is up from there. Pretty good start i reckon. hehe.
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    Do you think loot 2.0 weapons are overpriced?

    Eventually everyone will have at least a 2.0 weapon. And the next question will be are 3.0 weapons too expensive. Evolution.
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    What is your hunting setup?

    Probably a year ago I was Viceroy /5b and L guns only. Xmas 2020 i got a 2020xmas ring. Sold it and funded a move to unlimited. When i get a hof of a large size i like to use part of it to upgrade or switch to unlimited. Rings: Augmented Ares (bought with this Easter profits), Athenic Augmented...
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    Question: How often do you loot rings?

    In total probably opened about 1500-2k boxes over a couple of years. 1 x xmas 2020 1 x athenic perfected 2 x athenic augmented 4 x athenic improved <10 shitty rings 30-50 mayhem amps eudoracell heaps of 100% pills. ongoing supply of loot pills and buff(candy cane, easter, stims, etc)...
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    What creature will be the next ATH?

    Messi91. If you put a years worth of your lootable stacks into Inv and went into space you could be the mob. It would be very philanthropic. Maybe even newsworthy. Bit like crazy Finnish guy blowing up his Tesla. I think we'd all fly into space to watch that. So yeah its in the player.
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    Help: Tell me you have been playing Entropia for way too long without telling me you have been playing Entropia for way too long...

    My claim is half way up a cliff and I can't get to it. Spends 3 hours trying to slide down cliff to land on top of claim worth 5 ped cos your not gonna let it go.
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    Additional fee for faster withdraw

    If you read the annual report they hold 33% of player debt in funds to return right now.
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    Price Check Tier 10 LP-100 Mayhem, Modified

    Yep agreed. Have a Razer Ornata Chroma and bound the F9 (M) key to next target shoot. I have Myasthenia Gravis and Viking Hand (its real look it up). So I need something that doesn't tire my hands. I already work 8 hour days on a KB/Mouse so another 3 to 5 isn't sustainable. So i now use a Macro...
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    Price Check Tier 10 LP-100 Mayhem, Modified

    Quite true. And if anyone doesn't believe it check the annual report. Increase of 5 staff I think it was. And budgeted (committed) funds to UE5 and other development. And then saved a bunch for other dev work by abandoning UI dev of existing platform (although that is not a loss as they learned...
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    I miss Wiki

    note to self to download some csv charts.
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    Info: What's Your Return?

    Some interesting info. There were 74mill SEK approx. deposits (sales) last year and expenses (65mill SEK) are less than that and MA makes a small profit. The SEK is about the same as PED to USD. Correct that TT profits are not possible across the entire player base. I'll counter your point above...