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  • Hi man :)

    Big gratz for ATH :) And your style is realy amazing! So gratz for be human too :)

    In post you was talking about mining class - I do not sure what it exactly will be but i am interesting in participate or just talk sometimes...

    I play around 2.5 years and my main proffesion is mining and i realy like it. I unlocked Mineral Sense 1 months ago. I think I know a little about this profesion but often i lost every peds, most on crafting :)

    From start i know one rule: do not mine in mined areas. And i think it is moust important for good return. What you think ?

    I love teories and history too so if you want to share one or two i will be happy :)

    Gratz again and good luck of course :)

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