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    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Registration Thread

    !Register Patrize Wiseman Wize
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    OLA40 Atrox Valley 4000 PED GIVE AWAY + We Pay You Per 60 + GLobal

    Signing up :) Patrize Wiseman Wize
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    LA2 the 250 Bonus EVENT

    Hello, please sign me (and my team) up = 1 solo & 1 team "Patrize Wiseman Wize" (Solo player, but also leader for the team) & "Wiseman & Hegge" (teamname, leader name above) Thank you! :cool:
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    ComPet Development Update

    Sorry guys, I have tried searching for it but not found the info (even though I´m sure it´s there somewhere). It says on the ComPet webpage that "those who own ComPet deeds will be invited to join the closed beta test." I have bought my Deeds in-game, and not from the webpage. How will I get...
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    EntropiaFund Bonus Events

    I want to sign up as a team: "Wiseman & Hegge" If possible, I would also like to sign up with my solo avatar (also leader name for team): "Patrize Wiseman Wize" Thank you! :wtg:
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    The Hogglo Ranch - 500 ped Bonus Event - join now !!!

    Patrize Wiseman Wize
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    Question: i feel dumb for asking...

    Press "K" (default) to see Attributes & Skills.
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    Question: Is there a weekly spawn of Rextelums

    You can find the spawn @ 37200, 59800. The Spawn is time-based (if you go to the area, you will see what time the next "round" will start). The mobs comes in 12 "waves", with lower maturity mobs at the lower lvl-waves, and ending with the Boss @ wave 12. Preferably you do join the whole...
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    Achievement: Could call it an life ATH

    Thats one unbeatable Achievement!
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    Selling: 1 CLD 995 ped

    I would love to keep them, but only have 1 left now. That is not because of disbelief in the CLD, but purely because of utterly crap loot. :mad:
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    Selling: 1 CLD 995 ped

    Sold, thank you.
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    Selling: 1 CLD 995 ped

    *EDIT* SOLD Selling 1 CLD, 995 PED @ Twin Peaks right now, or send me a msg.
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    Major Sci-Fi Movie of the year?

    Also looks good with "Noomi Rapace", main actress in the original Swedish version of the Millenium Trilogy ("The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo"). Looks indeed interesting :)
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    code 5, lost skills and hp

    Oh my ..... This was a serious bug error!! :cdevil:
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    Is my sig ok?

    There "shadow" of each textline kind of remains though when the next word comes, which makes it a bit "blurry". Otherwise its fine! :yup: