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    Isn't it about the time to update the name of our ingame currency ?

    Since they can be extracted from the ped-card, and become the portable coins they really are, I would prefer something like 'Portable Economic Entity'.
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    please send a support case if you are disgusted by MA partnering with affiliate marketeers like sometrics and social type

    Okay, so I figured hey, free ped, so let's at least try a little. And all I get is 'This offer is not available in your geographic area'. In other words, people are being discriminated with these offers.
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    Question: Has anyone ever fruit tested their unlimited Blueprints as they grew in QR?

    1) No, it is not stuck 2) No, they only go up when you get the message that the quality has increased. In this situation, the QR is not 100.0, and the TT value is correct, the QR is a rounded value. So, craft it some more, and eventually it will give more quality-increase messages, and then go...
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    Help: Deposit via NETELLER restrictions

    Did you actually deposit the funds with neteller before depositing from neteller? Neteller are changing things a lot lately though, so even if you did that, it could have been a temporary problem.
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    The feffoid cave

    It says in the mission-description/text 24 hours, so if you were able to do it earlier, it's a bug.
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    Woot telephone scam!!!

    They do it to many people, just google and you'll even find videos such as
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    Eu api

    You were talking about an API to EU, which means to the client, if you meant just an API to other software, you should post it in the relevant thread/forum for that software. You also missed the part where I said 'A virus on your computer'. When you have a virus or other malware on your...
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    Eu api

    For example, a virus on your computer that checks regularly what you looted, and locks you out as soon as you loot something valuable, or your account reaches a certain amount, after which the controller of the virus takes over your computer to get access.
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    FYI: Missing Items After A Crash

    How many different items did you have in your inventory? If you had more than 200, which is the inventory-limit, then yeah that can happen. Weight doesn't make items disappear, and disconnecting by itsself also doesn't.
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    I'm just going to leave this here

    I wasn't talking about an avatar, I was talking about playing on somebody elses account. An account does have an owner, or account-holder, which does have legal implications regarding ownership, same as with a bank-account, where the bank technically owns everything but it's still your account...
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    I'm just going to leave this here

    That stuff talks about giving somebody else their account, it doesn't say anything about playing on somebody elses account. In other words, it talks about ownership, not about access. (I don't agree with people letting others play on their account, but I do know the rules)
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    I'm just going to leave this here

    Doesn't mean they can't play with somebody elses account, only that other person owning the account is also responsible for the behaviour of people playing. That's why so many players suddenly have many brothers,sisters,parents,nephews,nieces, friends, pets, and so on, who also play EU (even if...
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    I'm just going to leave this here

    Wow, that's the same guy who claims that everybody here on the forum, everybody at mindark and everybody playing EU is a paedophile! And MA rewards him for that? Still suprises me that the media haven't picked up on that a few years ago.
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    Calypso 2012.2 list of outpost changes

    News says west, you're confusing both new Forts. The mission broker is for the puny-mission, and does talk if you have that mission. Also, levels don't mean much in this game. I can easily call a L67 Araneatrox Young, but a L32 or so Faucervix kills me, because damage-types are very different...
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    Question: Arkadia, Cyrene, Rocktropia, NextIsland land deeds

    Subject has been discussed many times already, use the search! Answer is: Never, since Calypso is a unique situation because there is no planet-partner. Other planet-partners have no reason to give up their share, since that means they would not be able to earn any money and pay their...