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    Question: The future of tier components and (L) gear

    Did MA read this thread and then decide to nerf the tier component drop rate to the ground? If the answer is yes, then lesson has been learned. Dear community: -Do not ask questions, play the game instead, figure stuff out on your own, use the public space like this forum only to buy and sell...
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    Decay from Scanning added to loot pool?

    I did the test once, performed today between your post and my reply.
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    Decay from Scanning added to loot pool?

    Tested it with [LifeScanner-4] by getting a mob to hit me and then scan it and then turret it. No shrapnel was returned.
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    Joda currently broadcasting "FREE WAVES TODAY" with timer for loot waves

    In my experience, yes some loot only drops in limited quantities. It will stack up to a certain point if the creature is not hunted. Once the limited quantity is all looted it will not drop until next wave has arrived.
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    Question: The future of tier components and (L) gear

    Not sure if this belongs in suggestions or general discussion. But I would like to see some discussion around this. I have been contemplating the current gamplay when it comes to tier components. Given enough time I suspect that the tier components will eventually lose their usefulness when...
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    Suggestion: New type of armor enhancer

    If you evade or the mob misses then would it really make sense to reflect more damage? I mean, 0 damage was done in the first place. Also, this would promote complete afk where you dont even have to interact with the game to kill a mob (hint: puny mobs).
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    AMA video will be delayed

    I was hopeful that with the announced delay the team of 12 MA participants would have more time to tackle more or even all 71 questions this time around. Until.. Unfortunately I read this like a get-out-of-jail-free-card for you guys at MA to freely ignore any topic you do not want to comment...
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    Suggestion: New type of armor enhancer

    Hello I want to suggest a new type of armor enhancer. Behold the "Armor Offence Enhancer". The way it works is simple. Strap these in the empty sockets on your armor, equip a trigger as your weapon and when you are close to a mob you press the trigger. What happens next is that you explode...
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    Question: Creature attributes

    Hello Mindark Thank you for the AMA. I have a question about the attributes on creatures. We all know that Stamina*10 is the HP of the creature. What function do the other attributes have?