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  • :xmas::xmas::xmas::xmas:
    Merry Christmas!!!
    Best wishes and luck for 2009.
    Hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family.

    All the best

    The Team @ SFE
    "Is it real?".... Oh, it's real and it's happening! lol
    Alchemy Academy is the home of the "School of the Gods" and official sponsor of "The Curandero" project.
    Check out my blog here in EF at....
    Any comments made would be appreciated to keep the discussion going and keep it bump’n!
    Check my blog... you are, by association, eligible for a full scholarship from the Alchemy Academy. :yay:
    We would be honored to have you as a guest speaker. You know you want to! :laugh:

    Peace out,
    QAM "Kam" :headbang:
    Heya, Sorry about being so absent lately, been on Afterworld building up there, learning and mining. Always trying to expand CRC ya know..;) Will see you soon :)
    Wyn!!!!! :) Keep up the good trading. Everyone I've referred to you has nothing but great things to say. Good luck!
    Hi Wynfairs,
    Yes, I am selling the Emerald Lakes Mall shop #12s, Flr 2 between the Televator and the Auction for 25k peds. OneTwo Watch might have contacted you about this. He is helping me with selling and lined up a few interested, hopefully so I wont have to put on auction.
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