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    Buying: WTB archon's sword and amp 4

    found one.
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    Buying: WTB archon's sword and amp 4

    Im looking at buying a archon sword and a trauma 4 amp for it. Shoot me private message with offers.
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    Question: How far can a PP reach go ?

    Why was a Planet Partner on a ship repairing? I don't see an issue with them hanging out at their planets space station, but in the middle of space directly interacting with a pvp situation? that is crossing a line. Is there now an Entropia affiliate program on Twitch? If not why are planet...
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    Selling: Jarhead (M)(C) x2

    selling 2 sets of jarhead (M)(C) +1k each
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    Price Check 20k recommendation

    oh i didnt say it was a good idea, but i was saying it was an idea that i never through of. hince the reason for requests lol
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    Price Check 20k recommendation

    ive been LIVING on entropedia... but at a certain point I need to pull away from number crunching nad get what others think is out there. i have had people recommend things i would never consider like getting a 38 aug and skillign with it since its dpp will still be on par with most guns i...
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    Price Check 20k recommendation

    1. I dont want to go down in DPS from a tier 8.99 Spirit MK.I goal is to get a gun that will allow me to keep skilling but also doing enough DPS to kill higher level creatures without having to run it fully decked with damage enhancers every second of every day. , Ii really like rext, aruli...
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    Price Check 20k recommendation

    what is the XTLC 600 going for? with my current gun i can shoot about 800 ped/hr... and i will say i do 10 hours a week on average, but some weeks do much more (been sitting in ffa for about 6 hours today alone) so 8k a weekish, with spikes up to a 20k week here and there (but also weeks of...
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    Price Check 20k recommendation

    Editing 1st post
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    Price Check 20k recommendation

    What gun is around or under the 20k ped mark that you would recommend. looking at XTLC-600 (might be higher) BC-30 mod (seems kinda small) Argo weak claw Any other ideas i might be able to look into to make a more informed decision? 59 laser sniper 57 laser damage 58 blp pistol 56 blp...
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    Price Check Fast Aid Pack, Improved / Emt Kit Ek. 2600, modified

    Yea cuz i got the info on the 2600 lol 0 is 6.3-6.5 1 is 7
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    Price Check Zorra HK

    Wondering price on a high tier one... 8+
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    Price Check LR-60 aug, LP-70 FEN

    Anyone know price on one or both of these weapons?
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    Buying: Buying mod 2600

    Bump to the top
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    Price Check mod please close

    Got ingo thaanks