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    Dev Notes #20 - Mission System

    To remove all the progress for everyone is so stupid so i did never imagine this would happen. I have so many missions I spent insane amount of hrs to progress on to get my reward some day. Whats next, The skill system? Will you also change the skill system and reset all skills? This makes me...
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    Entropia Universe 16.3.2 Release Notes

    This fixed it for both our computers at home! :yay:
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    My testing of VU 16.0

    I didn´t even dare to login the first day after I saw a few streams but yesterday i did login. Its horrible if you ask me, i did not even want to try to spend the time needed but i rage logged out and started up another game instead. Everything feels and looks slower, its made to be able to...
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    Question: PvP

    The funny thing is that this is destroyed by players not really MA, MA did listen to players. PvP was "OK" at a time, but some crying players did complain 24/7 becouse they didnt stand the PvP and after a while MA changed as the players asked them to do. I´v said "You don´t know what you wish...
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    Camera & Control System Preview and Guides

    so far i dont like what i see. But i need to give it a test before i can complain. :laugh:
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    what happened to entropiawiki

    It works just fine for me.
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    The greatest entropia video ever made - 2019

    This was just ment to be a trailer for the full PK video that never got finished. I still have the raw recording of 4 gb. MA logged in with their RX Unit avatar in PvP4 and we (WSS) did ofcorse gather a group to kill him!
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    To click or not to click? The veteran new player experience

    Great summary of the game, however you are wrong on a few things but very few things! I give your article 8.5/10 :D
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    Strongbox announcement

    And how is that MAs fault that China ban all kind of games that come from other countries? :laugh:
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    Strongbox announcement

    lol, servers are not in Sweden so no we dont get faster ping times if you call that favoritsm.. :laugh: They are open for all countires, MA does not ban any country as far as i know. Some countries might ban the game in their firewall but MA does not do it.
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    Strongbox announcement

    As MA stated (Sweden (or with a Swedish IP)) It looks like a VPN will not help since im located in Sweden and my account is registerd as Swedish, but i guess this has to be tested once they changed. How will the Swedish people be compensated for this? Rings looted to swedish players from mobs...
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    Loot claimed by someone else

    Ye it really sux, does not matter if the mob regen 100% HP. I had this on countless of spiders and a few hogglos aswell.
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    i did discover the Young Elite today. Agility 30 Intelli 20 Psy 20 Stamina 320 Strength 150
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    FEN Event Announcement

    All good items gone, event has now ended and tokens will be TT soon enough. Event Schedule Event Start - October 12, 2018, 1300 UTC Event End - October 18, 2018 Shortest event ever?
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    FYI: Uneco Hunting Log (Piron PBR-20)

    cool log, i might start one beside the same way to see the difference with 500k skills and 90+ efficency :D Could you please clarify if this is TT return or Total return (with MU)?