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  • Thanks for your support :) ugh I think he didn't get enough sleep last night or something lol, idk why he's being all rude in a thread that's supposed to be interesting and fun. I spent too much rep today, but I will remember to rep you tomorrow!
    Thank you for the words and support in my thread yesterday. To bad its locked now, but I will thank everyone personal. Hope I didn't miss to +rep anyone and I hope you the best :) / Peace, Afroman
    tbh I understand his reaction. If u get dropped like a bag of kittens in forest, without warning, it kind of makes you feel like excess baggage. Even scammers get told that they are kicked for being scammers, and this guy was thinking he's making new friends, joking and thinking he's fitting in, and one day logs in, and there is a "fuck off" note hangin on his back pack ;-) I'd be pissed off too )

    Love this every word .. I think your profile.. needs this :D +rep
    hey you pirate ;)
    hope your refiner is working properly now lol
    and come in lyon when you want :yay:
    Hi there preety lady! Nice to see that you are tipping for me from your cellphone! that means you care about me! :p
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