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    5th Crafting Global

    congratz, its always nice to see those unexpected loots that turn our game around :D
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    ATH: in Garnets ! (244 in one loot)

    gratz on a huge crafting ath :D
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    Uber: Best Run Ever - First tower + multi globals/hofs

    gratz on a nice :tower: and on an amazing run, hope the luck continues with another :tower: soon to come :tower: :tower: :tower:
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    ATH: Arbers, what a waste of ped

    gratz on a nice ath :D
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    HoF: HOF on Daikiba - 459 ped payback :)

    gratz tiger, i cant think of anyone else who deserves a nice newuber ;)
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    Uber: 1063 PED Gazz

    gratz on a nice uber :D hope many more are to come :D maybe soon you will get a :tower:
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    HoF: Last month

    gratz on a productive month :D:D
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    My 1st ubercraft ;)

    gratz on a fine crafting uber :D
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    Uber: My First Tower

    gratz on a nice :tower:
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    HoF: 476 ped Atrox Old

    gratz on a nice trox :D
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    Uber: CND mother run

    gratz on a fun time up on cnd :D
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    Uber: First Uber: 2004 Lyt

    gratz on your first uber
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    HoF: 1918 petonium @ cnd

    ziplex ju10 matterseeker has reached tier .5 lol so do you switch back and forth every once and awhile lol anyways gz on a nice uber :D
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    Drone elite 8068

    gratz on a nice drone
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    my first uber

    gratz on the insane aurili, what gun ?