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  • Well ... it's kind of not too fun if ppl are dying as soon as they walk in the event. That was the feedback I got after event. Should I make it fists and knives? Or make it TT fists only? What should I do? I don't want it to be too hard for low lvl ppl to compete.
    Thanks a lot for the EFD and rep! :) It's nice to hear good feedback and creative input! Stay tuned for more on the thread, throw down some comments, and catch some laughs :D
    hey, yea, joined last summer and I note all globals and hofs in signature. First nice one (over 1kped lyst, size XX) came on 4th day playing. Guess I'm lucky but also had a good mentor :) Thanks for noticing :D
    Please no bad language not for these innocent eyes please ... Thanks asshole

    Welcome to TDO :)

    Enjoy and remember Beer is spelt with a capital B.

    TDO accepts no responsibility to any damage caused to your sanity due to your stay.
    i think your the happiest person in entropia just wanted to say that.. your always making jokes on ef.. its good for the moral
    Hi Xzi :) nice to see some good old friends popping up on my Forum Friend Charts ^^
    Sadly I am in not good health since longer time now :/
    Mostly lying in Hospital in hope to get better soon...
    Actually we are moving into a new home with actually a badly badly Internet Connection :/ plus my Comp needs to get replaced with much more higher and better Resolution and Speed to be able to play EU in a nearly good way. I hope we will get this solved - soon I am nearly in a healthy good condition to leave hospital.
    But no idea how long this will take :( need to solve some things before since I really love EU. Please tell them all of UnB a nice Hello from me.
    Hope to see you all soon ;-) Cheers Sonne
    Economics is all about confidence, it's either up or down - nothing more nothing less than that, everything else is guff.
    Maybe MA could be more proactive and have their financial controller address customer/player concerns if and when they arise.
    hey :)

    no we just a german speaking soc. :) but wondring why you ask? :D you wanna join? ;)
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