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  • I am incredibly saddened by this news ... he was a special friend indeed, and I enjoyed our conversations about unconditional life and the pursuit of laughter.

    To my dear Aussie Dog ... keep that brilliant spirit rockin' ... and tear it up in the Outer Outback in the fashion that only you know how to give us.

    Sending purple love your way ... it may take some time to get there, but it will definitely get there.

    R.I.P Old Friend.
    You were a great man in life.
    I hope you rock the heavens as you did the earth.

    PS. To those who are unaware,
    Youngnott has passed away 7/12/09.
    The funeral was on 21/12/09.
    You have a fan! ;) I look forward to more conversations about "unconditional" life, and the pursuit of laughter! :wtg:
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