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  • Hey Zane. Think I saw you at N revive? Lol sorry I couldn't stop and chat, oil was on the ground, had to get it lol :laugh: Ty for the heals btw (if it was you :) )
    Lol yes! They came to Australia a few years ago, it was a great gig! I'm sure there's a few others here too who like them. KMFDM were always played at the clubs here in the 90's. :)
    Thankyou Zane! it takes a lot to P me off but really is there any need!? *deep breath* thnx for the rep!

    May the loots be with you :D
    You say you wanted to be friends but then comes an out of the blue negative rep on post that's week old for what? I ask myself see this is just more of your passive/aggressive negativity this time directed at me instead of MA.

    So I don't believe you!
    Thanks for the rep:) But who told or suggested to you couldn't do anything. Your are an idiot but that doesn't prevent you for expressing it or me from trying to enlighten you.
    what you need ? i have a shop at emerald mall with some extracter but if you have some specific need i can group my soc stuff.
    just tell me what you need and how many and much :)
    Thanks for the rep babe. Man that dude has opened up Pandoras box, he is now gonna be fapped more than ever esp as someone came up with an I Fapped Blackhawk bravery award lol. Not to mention all sorts of Fapper/Blackhaw fap jokes and sayings that is gonna flourish. Will def be using 'fap off' now myself ;)
    Have a wonderful Holiday Season my friend.

    Yeah sure :) we can go team there sometimes :D I've got two oil drops there :D and picked up other stuff they have put on the ground there :D
    Yeah I'm around there when Luke or Freja is, the rig is so boring when none of your friends are around there :D bigger radius I like, makes it more of a challenge :) Most people that kill me don't seem to be able to handle their weapons. It shouldn't take them 4 hits to kill me when I have full health. As long as they don't kill me with one hit I get like this smiley :duh:
    I saw you spend time at the rig in one of your threads, how come I've missed you there when I've been there? :laugh:
    is the radius as long as it was in the start of VU 10.4 or did they change it back to the old radius? ^^ I might not have seen you there since I haven't spend much time at the rig since My soc leader and his gf is visiting each other at the moment so no one else is around :D
    You're welcome to watch, comment, and reply to any and all my posts. Go outside and get a tan.

    EU .. meh I personally miss the times around 2004 \ 2005 :p the good old Project Entropia.. so simple and so much charm, FULL of potential, now its all "meh" atleast for me :p but it's always evolving, and it has to move on hehe
    yea, i tried Champions Online and fell in love with that instead :p same graphics pretty much as borderlands only in MMORPG XD and well.. cartoon based on superheroes =)

    then again atm I really look forward to Aion.. even if I always saw it as an mix and outcome of Cabal Online + Age of conan having sex and WoW joined in, and the offspring: Aion.

    tho the Future Vision Trailer of Aion was just "wow.. I want to try that" mainly for the housing and cute graphics, held at an fantasy level but still really nice, and ill try it to mostly RP :p have an cosy home, and have it covered in snow during winters, leafs during the autumn and spring and summer the trees would shine with life.. ye its an game lol but still xD its something i personally always wished for in an game <,< and now .. Aion is that game that has this as the first Ive seen :p
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