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  1. wilhb81

    New Mining Log

    The TT return after RUN #13 is looking handsome there, keep grinding more OP!
  2. wilhb81

    Uber: A couple L Finders from Mining Boxes. Loot Waves confirmed!

    It's so excited to see all the awesome mining loots, big GZ OP :)
  3. wilhb81

    Uber: 11992 Spina Worker Mature

    Huge GZ OP!
  4. wilhb81

    24 000 PED prize pool on Hardcore training program! HSL event on Takuta, Vermillion & Southshade

    Sounds like an awesome hunting event, GL to all participants!
  5. wilhb81

    My Mining Journey

    I love to read mining logs, hope to see more mining actions from OP!
  6. wilhb81

    "Project Entropia" Music by NoBion

    Love those music, thanks for the sharing OP!
  7. wilhb81

    Mining for profit

    Love the way you tested out different finders, keep us updating with more information OP!
  8. wilhb81

    Playing to win.

    It's great to see all the withdraw history, thanks for the info OP!
  9. wilhb81

    New Mining Log

    Amazing 11K+ peds tower, huge gratz!
  10. wilhb81

    FOMA Resources/Mobs (ownership) by Dome# (VU 17.5)

    It's a very useful information about FOMA domes, thanks for the effort OP!
  11. wilhb81

    Looking for a good Mining Society.

    I'm also looking for an active mining society to join as well, coz I will mainly focus on mining...
  12. wilhb81

    New Mining Log

    Love to read this mining log, keep up the awesome work OP :)
  13. wilhb81

    Achievement: Entropia Master Combat

    Wow, impressive achievement, well done OP!
  14. wilhb81

    EWE300 Ambush

    Absolutely fantastic uber loot, huge gratz OP!
  15. wilhb81

    Ryen's Swunting Log

    Interesting swunting log (I never think about it before), keep up the log OP!
  16. wilhb81

    Some hunting, crafting and mining tips

    Just have a full read on the post, thanks for the awesome tips OP!
  17. wilhb81

    Suggestion: Future of events in Entropia

    I like OP ideas, hopefully there will be some new changes in near future inside EU...