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  1. warbeck

    Omg! I´m married to an EU addict!

    Nice post aleks :D :girl:
  2. warbeck

    Calypso Ground Assasment for Zap

    And another gratz m8 :D
  3. warbeck

    Extraction unlock for Zap

    Gratz m8 :D
  4. warbeck

    Unlocked Serendipity

    Gratz m8,me next :dunce:
  5. warbeck

    2nd Zap's N00b Train: Free escort across the Eudoria

    Count me in if u ever need an escort just pm me m8 ;)
  6. warbeck

    The Calypso Independence August issue released

    Great work keep it up :D :D
  7. warbeck

    Online player count

    Yup it would be nice to see :D
  8. warbeck

    Finding desiple or two with potential

    I've been in HU for some time now an can say if your lookin for a mentor Zap's your man :wise: :)
  9. warbeck

    My first Tower !

    Gratz m8,drinks r on zap HU :tongue2:
  10. warbeck

    Selling my old outfit (f)

    Hi sexy,free bump ;) ;) ;)
  11. warbeck

    Re-Claiming deposits with friend+amp

    Hey Zap,me an skit had a go at that a way back when amp's first came out,did'nt work for us either :tongue2: ;)
  12. siggi