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  1. DarkAngel

    Happy Pkday Dash And Skam!

    :birthday: BIG GRATZ both of you! Hope you get a nice HOF today. Sunlee
  2. DarkAngel

    1st S&MA Beer Quality Assurance Workshop 2005

    Sounds good to me. I'll be there il. Sunlee
  3. DarkAngel

    We need some changes !!!

    This made no sence to me at all :confused: I completely agree with Kjetil in this thread. MF is a luxury because there is cheaper alternatives out there. Instead of teleporting, you can run. Instead of healing, you can fap. Instead of firestorm, use a gun. It's ALWAYS the buyers that set the...
  4. DarkAngel

    Items in a team, is there any good solution?

    I dont realy see the problem here? When somebody gets an uber item I usually gratz them. If you where in the same team and perhaps helped take the mob down, so what? The person that got the item was lucky, next time it might be yourself. I know that if I where in a team with somebody looting a...
  5. DarkAngel

    My Account Got Hacked??

    Hmm, if I'm not mistaken the link he tried was announced as a "HOF cheat", "Get (at least) 2000 peds for free". Anyone following such a link deserves to get his account hacked. Both for beeing stupid enough to believe it and secondly (if the link was real) to try and steal peds from MA. Sorry...
  6. DarkAngel

    ToolMan’s Employment Expedition.

    I would like to thank Toolman for putting together this event. I had a good time mining. It was an easy task when I had 2 very good escorts, Nea and Zasz, thank you both for a good job. Unfortunately I didn't bring back as much ore/enmatter in tt value as I hoped, but the experience was very...
  7. DarkAngel

    Invitation for Pixie, RepEdge EF hunt.

    Try this link ;)
  8. DarkAngel

    Invitation for Pixie, RepEdge EF hunt.

    Please have a chat (PM) with Toolman reagarding the timing. Would be too bad to have the two events at the same time. I've already signed up with Toolman (as have a few others of the posters), but I would like to be in on both events. ViagraFalls, make room in the "Runners For Lootius" team...
  9. DarkAngel

    Raising secondary skills

    Thank you to all those who have posted :) Well, I would sure like to raise my HP, but also secondary melee skills to help unlock new skills. Is this true anymore? Now a lot of the gains come from actually killing the mob. With easier mobs you can kill more mobs faster. Sunlee
  10. DarkAngel

    Mining Mentor needed

    Hmm, sounds a bit strange that you where adviced to start with mining as it demands quite a lot of funds. You will make some losses before you know some good areas and get youre skill up (You probably make losses later also, but hopefully not so large ;) ) In addition there is a mining update...
  11. DarkAngel

    Show us ya face!

    Sorry Ulti. Nea's new ava just owns all :tongue2:
  12. DarkAngel

    Do you own a PE Gold Card?

    Update: I'm now the proud owner of a "Project Entropia Gold Member" Card :D Arrived today.
  13. DarkAngel

    Windows Security

    I completely forgot this thread so thanks for bumping it Ulti. Come to think of it, I vote that MB sticky a cleaned up version of it.
  14. DarkAngel

    Do you own a PE Gold Card?

    Voted Yes. I'm still waiting for it to arrive, but I got the token in my inventory so I guess that counts.
  15. DarkAngel

    What good is "Buddy list"?

    Great MB :thumbup: Sometimes I find it usefull to pm a couple of people with the same message. Until now I had to pm each one individualy and wait 1 minute between each pm. This will be a great tool for arranging events and such. Would have +rep you, but have to spread it around first ;)...
  16. DarkAngel

    Gold Card time

    I thought the GC token was removed from inventory when it shipped? I ordered a couple of weeks ago, just checket "my items" in the CL and it's still there.
  17. DarkAngel

    What good is "Buddy list"?

    Yes I believe it does.
  18. DarkAngel

    What good is "Buddy list"?

    Hmm, I've tried to add a few people. They show up as "name+", but when I click them I still only go to the user profil. No direct link to PM. I think I've read somewhere that you could send pm to multiple people if they where on youre buddy list. MB: If you swing by this thread, would you care...
  19. DarkAngel

    What good is "Buddy list"?

    Thanks :hug:
  20. DarkAngel

    What good is "Buddy list"?

    I've tried to read every "about" post on EF, but haven't found an explanation to what the "Buddy list" is good for. Also, does it require a confirmation from the one you add (like fl ingame)? Sunlee
  21. DarkAngel

    Spaceship loot taken by another avatar

    Well you're in luck. According to Marco, mining is the focus of the next VU ;)
  22. DarkAngel

    Spaceship loot taken by another avatar

    I stand corrected. I was a little to general in that regard. Those who drop a few probes in the hope of getting a beackon to use themselves are not who I meant :)
  23. DarkAngel

    Spaceship loot taken by another avatar

    Is this so wrong? Just think about the consept of finding a ship for a minute. You are out mining and suddenly pick up a strange signal. This implies that the ship is already there (Oh, I'm sure it's not generated before someone who is mining finds this signal, but thats not the point)...
  24. Cheat?


    Just uploading it to get a link for my support case.
  25. DarkAngel

    Scammer or Investor?

    Didn't do anything wrong :confused: There's just no way he could deliver the promised return without this beeing some kind of pyramid scheme, witch is not allowed in RL and should be reasons for banning in PE. If he where serious he should at least create an account in his own name. He...