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  1. LavaSparks

    Achievement: 1 Year of BP-130

    To clarify: You will have to measure your gains in ped, not points. Skinning and butchering skill have fixed gain (in ped) based on ped cycling, and multiplied by any skill pill you use.
  2. LavaSparks

    Question: Why this game is Soooo Booring?

    Do like the ubers - get your macro on, and find a good movie to watch :D
  3. LavaSparks

    EntropiaGold's: GoldGrinder - The Ultimate Grinder Event

    Atrox JACKPOT GONE! Thanks for not updating..
  4. LavaSparks

    EntropiaGold's: GoldGrinder - The Ultimate Grinder Event

    Jackpot gone! Gratz to the winner... Del DeLaArina Arina 787 PED
  5. LavaSparks

    HoF: Nice robot

    That's one sexy hof - stacks of 10k and full tt items!
  6. LavaSparks

    Selling: ATH-maker: Tech Gizmo Recycle 3 - 66 clicks

    Average AH price 150 000%, current lowest BO 145 000% Selling 66 click bp for only 130 000% PM here or IGN: KatLa Vulkana Vulkansdottir
  7. LavaSparks

    Loot wave discussion: 1 player looting 18 rare items in 10 minutes!

    Mistake of the day - nothing to see here lol
  8. LavaSparks

    Uber: My highest hunting HoF :) 13,1k Araneatrox

    Damn that's a nice HOF! ALso congrats on 2k ped bonus from the HSL event :-)
  9. LavaSparks

    Yazuki's hunting log (journey from brand new player to uber)

    While in theory a good advice, there's no good spawn for ara young outside of taxed LA (3% tax). In terms of fast skilling ,rippers are hard to beat. And ara do not have 3% MU.
  10. LavaSparks

    Selling: Hedoc 50 Adjusted T1

    BUMP price reduced!
  11. LavaSparks

    Selling: Hedoc 50 Adjusted T1

    Good UL healing tool maxed at only L25! High heal to patch up those crits! It's been serving me good; now it's time to move to higher levels. Tier 1. 95/200 tier rate. Cheap to tier up. SOLD
  12. LavaSparks

    News: Entropia Enjin Collaboration

    Finally some smart moves. I'd also LOVE to see an NFT collectible collection with all the different mobs etc were displayed, with rewards for full sets and whatnot. Easy to set up, and would make for some good advertisement if done the right way.
  13. LavaSparks

    Lemony Snicket's Unfortunate Tale - Hunting with Longtime

    Whenever you loot a mob, you get some multiplier x the cost of the kill. So, if you pay 30 pec for one kill, you will most of the time get 0.2x-1x return, or 6-30 pec. Once in a while you get multipliers larger than 1, meaning you get more back than what you paid for that kill. Currently it is...
  14. LavaSparks

    Lemony Snicket's Unfortunate Tale - Hunting with Longtime

    Basically, yes. It's how the game is set up. By moving the multiplier from 1000x to 2000x max, MA created a better environment for the really big rollers who knows bank roll management and the game in and out (i.e. if one can run 30M+ ped through the gun in a year, and hunt the mobs with best...
  15. LavaSparks

    Lemony Snicket's Unfortunate Tale - Hunting with Longtime

    You and a lot of other whiners in here do not understand the law of big numbers. When you do, you will understand that 93% tt return without a big multiplier is a good return. MA tweaked the numbers last year - from ~1000x multi cap to ~2000x. It doesn't take a genious to see that you now have...
  16. LavaSparks

    Selling: SOLD Tech Gizmo Recycle 3 BP 117 clicks

  17. LavaSparks

    Question: What Is The Ideal Kill Speed?

    Think about it this way: You'll need 100k kills (ball park value) to hit a 1000x, probably 200k kills to hit a 2000x, on average. So if you want to approach your average tt return, 500 kills/h x 200h = 100k kills, 100 kills/h x 1000h = 100k kills etc. It depends on how much time of your life...
  18. LavaSparks

    FYI: Stacking pills still possible. Bug???

    It's been a while since I stacked, but I am pretty sure I did like this: First I took Deva and Accu. Then wait 1 minute - take Hyper. When Hyper has still more than 30m to go, while deva+ accu are 29:30, you can take X. Now they all stack. You can try with 5 mg pills and one X and check it out...
  19. LavaSparks

    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    800k USD for just 50% of revenue? Cringe-worthy sale, just like the Ark Moon Deeds I luckily passed on. Good luck getting those 10p back from one share :LOL: Edit: Seeing AUD going for near 100p, anything's possible with some hype..
  20. LavaSparks

    Achievement: My best unlock to date

    It's the hottest unlock! A true health builder!
  21. LavaSparks

    Selling: Full Supremacy F (L) - high tt set

    price reduced to 150 % ONLY!
  22. LavaSparks

    Selling: Full Supremacy F (L) - high tt set

    Near full tt Supremacy L set for Female avatar for sale. THE Mayhem armor! Rare opportunity - took me quite some time to collect the whole thing. Now I need peds.. Stats are perfect for Survival if you wanna go for those 20 levels! Also great for big zombies. Supremacy Arm Guards (F,L)...
  23. LavaSparks

    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    dude, resto is crucial in Survival.... what else do u need that hp for :) 5 mg med pills also very helpful on stage 10 + nutri 10-15mg. Try with this combo and see?
  24. LavaSparks

    Selling: ~CLOSED~ Tezlapod (the new Tezla pet) / Lock Capacitor

    Ideally you should be on par with the mob level, so L19 for young atrox