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  1. tiebender

    Selling: Rare Citadel outfit(F) and Maze(F) - own a bit of Entropia history.

    These two outfits have been since the first days of Entropia. The original style and flair has been graciously maintained by the various updates to the Entropia system, and still looks absolutely awesome. Left is Maze (orange), right is Citadel (blue). I spend to little time in Entropia and...
  2. Renegade Citadel And Maze

    Renegade Citadel And Maze

    renegade outfits
  3. tiebender

    Donate towards Spin Rep Pitt's legal fees

    The real problem is Mindark. Oho, yes it is, now I said it. We have been asking for a loaning system since EU was PE and before the first golden age. A simple system where a virtual item was instantly returned to the owner when the owner activates an virtual button (which then decays some)...
  4. tiebender

    EF gay community

    wtf??! I saw this image the right bar on EF.. [ Sure, I'm an angel myself, but not gay, but please, do keep it cumming. ALH; well, its google ads, it tracks what you like TIE; Yes :) I was just surprised that the bot thought EF was gay. ^_^ I love the responses. Usually I don't give a...
  5. Gay


    gay community
  6. Gay


    gay community
  7. tiebender

    Klogt, at med du grundlag, elasticitet med at gøre det, fem ikke, tidevandsenergi slet ikke at...

    Klogt, at med du grundlag, elasticitet med at gøre det, fem ikke, tidevandsenergi slet ikke at nævne nu. Translates to: Wise, that with you foundation, flexible to do it, five not, tidal power not to mention now. I think you meant; Tie is a gay crackwhore with a tiny wiener.
  8. tiebender

    Some loot thingie

    ROI wtf, 200%?? Why do you ppl keep at it when loots are bad? I go on 200 ped hunt/mining trip, get 50% back, then I stop, wait a day or two and try again. Simple rule is to change location first when halfway through a shitty run. Second option is to change profession. Third option is to stop...
  9. tiebender

    Question: Whitdrawal

    what?! I had to withdraw once, it took 5 months! was soon 2 years ago though, maybe has changed since. I don't know.. last I heard about withdrawing was in November, a friend of mine withdrew, got his money in mid Feburary. Maybe it varies pending on amount? Ma knows. Tie
  10. tiebender

    Wildman & Della of WildD3amons (w/VIDEO)

    Shannon, Brent & Della. Now I understand. I wish you the best Brent and Della, I am glad you found happiness. If anyone out there knows Shannon irl, please relay a warm greeting from Tie. thx. Tie
  11. tiebender

    Wildman & Della of WildD3amons (w/VIDEO)

    What about Shannon??! Nice article Mindstar, but there is something missing. Unlike Wildman who heard about the planet Calypso within the Entropia Universe in the Fall of 2005 when NeverDie purchased his asteroid, Della had found out about the expansion of space and the new colony through a...
  12. tiebender

    Planet Calypso - Population origins

    EU and real life mixing I totally agree. And object as well. Why would I want anything of my real life to have anything to do with my EU life? I don't mind the other way, but I am in EU to seek refuge from the real world, not to have a full time job and care about geopolitical and geocultural...
  13. tiebender

    Entropia Let it Rock: DeadBody Angel

    thx Pesoc Thx to all those that saw my vid. Plz keep bumping me :) Pesoc: yes, your view was quite right, story was changed a few times, but that was not because I lost interest, but the other actress shots... the video shots with her and the wings irl got screwed by the equipment. I was sad...
  14. tiebender

    awesome inspiration that made me join entropia but now I don't know.

    Hey!!! Blergh! You don't have to sell your soul! (thanks for watching my video, im glad you like it.) :D It is possible to actually think EU is really cool and a nice play to spend your time and money. I use EU as a "free space" for my mind. Right now the creative means are not that vast...
  15. tiebender

    All KF Competition Video/Film makers

    Angel Props teaser.. ..and the video.. High res version got screwed, but can remake at request. >original thread link< feedback from new EU player (interesting development) Tie
  16. tiebender

    Entropia let it rock: Endless Possibilities

    I must admit, it's a real good job, despite the fact that Baxter is the only competition I see to my own video. Well done Baxter, but I still have 11 days to beat your video.:D Tie
  17. tiebender

    Entropia Let it Rock: DeadBody Angel

    Article deleted by me. Sore looser, yes, I'm ok with that. Tie
  18. tiebender

    Why do MA hate non-hunters?

    Miners left out, possibly crafters too. I gave up on the POE event when I had dropped my bomb number 4000 without even a shitty lense popping up. Returns on mining was as usual and skills x3 was great, but robot parts looted in mining was a bluff. And, to boot, the Carramone sidequest addition...
  19. tiebender

    Colouring abandoned by MA?

    Just a bump.. Please read the first post again... I'm going to send a support ticket with the info from the first post, and a link to this thread. Thanks for all your input(s). Smooches! Tie
  20. tiebender

    Colouring abandoned by MA?

    Yes, you can, but for me, a lvl1 noob, i can't paint black with 262 pigment enhancers with a guarantee of success. The point is that there are not enough enhancers to go round then, and just putting more enhancers ingame will ruin the painting profession. We need to work out a balance between...
  21. tiebender

    Colouring abandoned by MA?

    Ahem, the idea was that the pigment enhancers are sold for markup by the people who loot. It is very correct that Mindark does not get anything from the markup there, but it is the paint that Mindark wins on. No paint "residue money" is returned when using pigment enhancers to colour items. I...
  22. tiebender

    Colouring abandoned by MA?

    hehe I think we agree.. sort of..we must have been typing at the same time :laugh: Look 3 posts up... ^_^ The trust thing, yes.. a paintjob should be like a trade that hasnt been finalized, so that the player still "has" the object and can see it edited live.. something like the haridressing...
  23. tiebender

    Colouring abandoned by MA?

    Still going strong, keep it coming. Thanks all for the input, I can see a pattern emerge. So far I see pros and cons for a one-time guaranteed paintjob, maybe the price should be higher, so that the skilled colourers actually have a benefit of their skills. Considering the option with alot of...
  24. tiebender

    Colouring abandoned by MA?

    Dear reader, this is not a rant thread, please keep it constructive. Read this first post again to see the result of this thread! Result of this post: Objective: There is a clear demand amongst players of EU for the possibility to colour items successfully in any colour available. Synopsis...
  25. tiebender

    ATH: Atrox alpha 27865 ped

    . hurl, triplepost, must be something with lag. srry ppl.