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    Community effort to spawn/kill Hussk (ended in no loot)

    If you all would re read the OP's post I believe he is throwing around the idea of 100 players spend ~52.5peds (52.5x100 = 5250 peds estimated cost to spawn) to spawn the Hussk, therefore anyone who contributes one of the items would be compensated from the fund that was generated by the ~100...
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    Natural Born Killers on Mulmun Elites

    Nice Ones!!!
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    Question: UL armors - Less TT more dmg?

    I would say that it became a "feature" shortly after the L armor was introduced... Wish a lot of the "features" would go back to the way they were when you could actually play the game without spending a small fortune
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    Project-Entropia - Myth's, Rumor's and Legend's.

    I was too poor to afford a Dante but I know that I had a Beast on my opalo. Logged off for some extended time and came back to find a message about the wrong weapon type for my amp... (there was a time when there were simply weapon cells and weapons.. no laser , blp, plamsa bs) Also used to be...
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    Feffoid Outcast - 11 853ped

    It's a Riker UL1? A 3000 step up from the opalo. TT+20-30 peds... Not what i would want to get if I was going to loot an UNLimited gun But big gratz on the Huge Feffoid
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    MindArk are you paying attention to anything?

    I would love to have a 90% return and only 10% lose. That is how the game was when I started playing in 2005 all the way to 2008. NOW though you are lucky to get 70% return by the time you calculate all the stupid decay on everything into it. Somewhere there is a 25k+ ped pile of my losses that...
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    Estophyl Olympics : greatest Estophyl hunting event ever! 15K prizes & free participation!

    Got another Atrax global there tonight... Was going to post the screenie as a free bump but it didn't grab right. So far having a lot of fun on the Land Area!!! :yay::yay::yay::yay:
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    Achievement: NEWS FLASH!!! It's Frosty in Africa...

    Gratz. Just unlocked mine over the weekend as well and just about half a year quicker then you!!! :yay::yay:
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    HoF: Good morning Argo HOF

    Nice!!! Good Luck with the rest of the bronze challenge. GO NBK ELITE!!!!! :yay::yay::yay:
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    Achievement: LostCube is finally Cool!

    Almost 5 and a half years since being born on Planet Calypso I am finally Cool!! Wounding and Combat Sense here I come! :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:
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    Estophyl Olympics : greatest Estophyl hunting event ever! 15K prizes & free participation!

    Are you sure only HOF on Atrax, not just global? A global on a young-mature is very hard. HOF is next to impossible!!!!!
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    Estophyl Olympics : greatest Estophyl hunting event ever! 15K prizes & free participation!

    Let's see if I can't earn some extra peds! already tested out your land area on friday morning and got a global
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    Question: Need advice: Which gun?

    What is wrong with moving up to something like M2890, M2910, M2930, EP-41, or EP-45? All provide more DPS with right about the same ECO. Some are even insanely eco... allowing for multiple 104's before a repair. Good Luck!!
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    Buying: Valiant Armor (M) parts (esp. Foot Guards/Foot Guards Blueprint)

    All the parts except Foot Guards are easy to come by (I can click all except foot. althought not efficiently). Check SFE's stores. Shop #10, Level 1, Port Atlantis Mall or Shop #10, Level 1, Twin Peaks Mall The Footguards have the same problem as Ghost and the rest.. Not enough drops or people...
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    Selling: A Few Items

    I think the Trade Terminal is Hungry. Hard to sell some of these items!
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    Daikiba Average Return

    I am not one for crunching too many numbers during my game play. I did however write down from 2205-10k how my runs did and how much I spent. Negative 156.76 peds TT, After selling many things for MU (Tiering change Increased Tier I Comps during my time hunting) Positive 188.13 peds. Used mostly...
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    Selling: 173.87 ped ESI

    Buy-Out and sale have been completed. Auction Closed :cool:
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    Selling: 173.87 ped ESI

    Bump for a nice Big ESI! :wtg::wtg::wtg::wtg:
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    Selling: 173.87 ped ESI

    Freshly Looted :yay: Great for chipping out a high point level skill : 173.87 PED ESI!!! 7 Day Auction from time of POST 740% Opening Bid / 820% Buy Out - 4 hour extension for anti-sniping - Must...
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    Buying: Land area(s)
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    Buying: Valiant Foot Guards (M) UnL

    Bump... Anybody?
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    Buying: Valiant Foot Guards (M) UnL

    Looking for a pair of these useless armor foot guards :cool: I would also be interested in purchasing this BP instead ...