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    Uber: Insane Crafting Night!

    Grats Rave. Nice to see PE oldies getting on the HoF board (apart from the usual suspects ofc).
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    3 ATHs in 24h, has it happened before?

    Didn't Pham get 2 ATH's on the same day Skalman got an ATH sometime in '05? I might be off mark though.. could have been over 2 days. EDIT: anyways, yes it has happened before. This was just the most memorable time I could think of.
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    Yeesh! Again??

    Gnasher! it's a trap! :silly2:
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    'World of Warcraft' blocked in Iran due to US sanctions - Digital Spy UK

    True that Rave. It's good to know that there are still people around who aren't blindly affected by media sensationalism! It's the popular 'in' thing this decade to blame pretty much any negative global political issue on the US when there are so many other international parties involved in this...
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    What do you miss from old Project Entropia?

    Hah, very few people predicted the type of inflation that peaked in '08. At least you looted some nice stuff and have some fond memories :) I really miss this area.. now that I think about it most of my hunting pre '06 happened either SW of there on Longu/Armax, north on Formidons or south...
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    What do you miss from old Project Entropia?

    Beautiful HoF Rave, was that near Tantardion/Tantillion plateau? Had many crazy memories (good and bad) hunting there!
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    What do you miss from old Project Entropia?

    I want some of the iconic cities back. So many locations/TP's now have absolutely no character. EDIT: And everything Rave mentioned lol.
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    Uber: Hell Tower 4.3k Cald

    Gratz Moon!
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    Selling: Entropia Universe posters x2

    Just traded with Nestea for a landscape poster. I suggest people get their hands on these last two asap :) Major nostalgia value for us PE oldies and very limited availability, you won't regret it. (free bump).
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    Looks like I wont be back after all. MA thinks I'm someone else.

    MA have never had the most competent support staff. Best to try and get them on the phone and see if you can work things out. Good luck!
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    Selling: Verdant Coat (F)

    Sold to the cheerful Audrey :)
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    Selling: Verdant Coat (F)

    Finally, selling my beloved coat of many, many years. Urban Nomad Verdant Coat (F): SOLD
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    Selling: Entropia Universe posters x2

    Can I bid on just one of the two posters? Only really interested in the first poster, else disregard my offer. Also, if I understand correctly, bids do NOT include transport costs and I must pay for it in additional to my bid, yes? I live in Canada. Please register my 200ped bid for only the...
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    Selling: Jolly Christmas Set (Santa Set) Male.

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    Selling: Miscellaneous: Coat, Mining Equip, M.F. equip, Armors, Laser Sights and more...

    Sorry, that offer is too far from my asking price. care to step it up?
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    Selling: Jolly Christmas Set (Santa Set) Male.

    Oops sorry, looks like I didn't state a concrete end date... It's a fairly rare set so I'd like to give interested individuals another week to put in their bids.
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    Selling: Jolly Christmas Set (Santa Set) Male.

    Thank you sir for your kind offer. Will update original post with your bid.
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    Selling: Jolly Christmas Set (Santa Set) Male.

    BUMP :tongue2: Someone buy this!