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  1. JavierChavez

    Uber: Isis Project Zero-Three

    Gz on the gun bro! Drop those LT's! :wtg:
  2. JavierChavez

    Bug Report: Clothing since vu14

    Ninja Hood Jacket X Black (M) Bugged ^^^ Jacket As of Yesterday - - - ^^^ After today's update Each update seems to bring even more and more bugs to the clothing. I had to deal with arm pits holes in this jacket and gray rings around the wrists for nearly six months now. I log in after...
  3. Ninja Hood Jacket X Black (M) Bugged 2

    Ninja Hood Jacket X Black (M) Bugged 2

    This is what the jacket looked like prior to the update
  4. Ninja Hood Jacket X Black (M) Bugged

    Ninja Hood Jacket X Black (M) Bugged

    Portions of the jacket that should be black are now gray. The old bugs from 5-6 months ago are still there as well.
  5. JavierChavez

    HoF: 1513 Levi

    One awesome Levi! Congratulations! :wtg::wtg:
  6. JavierChavez

    Selling: Javier's Shopping Outlet

    Some daily bumpage! :yup:
  7. JavierChavez

    Selling: Javier's Shopping Outlet

    Bump! :yup:
  8. JavierChavez

    Selling: Javier's Shopping Outlet

    Daily Bump! :cool:
  9. JavierChavez

    Selling: Javier's Shopping Outlet

    Bump! :bump: New stock of items for Oct/Nov 2012!
  10. Javier's Shopping Outlet

    Javier's Shopping Outlet

    New Design for JC's Shopping Outlet specially designed by Syer! Thanks bud!
  11. JavierChavez

    300k skills !!!

    Congratulations on the 300k total skills! That's one hell of a feat! :wtg: See you in the sweat groups Mister MF! ;)
  12. JavierChavez

    PICK!ME!UP! Reloaded – Another Fruit/Stone/Dung Walking Contest

    Congratulations to the winners of the event! :wtg: Spongey - Nicely done finding some Rutol for the event in the nick of time, and winning the main prize :cool: Laradon - Impressive amount of finds, and congrats on winning the special prize. :clap: It was a pleasure participating in the...
  13. JavierChavez

    PICK!ME!UP! Reloaded – Another Fruit/Stone/Dung Walking Contest

    The Rutol still hides.... :silly2: Bombardo (23) Haimoros (23) Haimoros (125) Brukite (29)
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  16. haimoros23 145771

    haimoros23 145771

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  18. JavierChavez

    Achievement: Argo 10k completed

    Nicely done! Congratulations! :cool:
  19. JavierChavez

    Friend List is f**ed up, Drones as well

    I've been cleaning it out since log in. Anybody that does NOT have a full avatar name seems to be people that you added and deleted at some point in your EU career. Relogging after deleting seems to remove them.
  20. JavierChavez

    Challenge to community: Entropia Universe vote

    Don't worry! Votes in for today and rep given to voters! :cool:
  21. JavierChavez

    Uber: 1st. Tower 19,276 ped AZZURDITE stone

    Now that's one awesome claim! Keep up the good work, and may you have even more luck in the future! Congratulations! :wtg::wtg:
  22. JavierChavez

    Uber: Phat trax

    Nice Atrax! Congratulations! :wtg::wtg:
  23. JavierChavez

    Achievement: Extraction Unlocked!

    After my recent luck, I've had some spare PEDs to get even more skilling in so today was the day that..... Extraction Unlocked! Woot! :yay: Extraction Unlock Sidenote: 57% progress into L15 Prospector! L16 here I come! :laugh:
  24. Extraction Unlocked!

    Extraction Unlocked!

    After reaching L15 in Miner profession, this hidden skill was unlocked! Woot!