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    Looking for Tomi Sabotage Kucsulain

    hi, im the general of AEU, the only thing what i know from tomi is, that he was selling his skills, then a few days later he told me, that i can put him off from my FL, because he dont plays EU anymore and his ava is now played by someone else. he also left AEU before he told me all that. thats...
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    im fine, things are ok in RL, hope that alex comes soon to visit me. in eu its going very...

    im fine, things are ok in RL, hope that alex comes soon to visit me. in eu its going very slowly. didnt deposit since november, had to upgrade my pc and my tv broke, so alot costs for me and no deposit so soon
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    Hi, how are you? long not seen.

    Hi, how are you? long not seen.
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    EU Locations - New NeoMap?

    Hi Sasha, great work, keep going. greetings jens +rep
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    Invisible Mobs??

    thats then a nice bug. you can go crazy by this. hope it will be fixed then also very soon
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    Invisible Mobs??

    hi all, dont know if anyone else noticed that, but was running today in LA08 from the revive there to the south east, had no red dots on the radar and i got killed buy something. could be maybe a mob, but there i got no message what killed me and there the LA is not pvp i'm getting a bit...
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    I crash evertime I launch EU

    i had also the message with shutdown error, but after the next start i got crashed on the black screen before the login screen shows up. but now i got it fixed, there i use also Xfire i closed xfire, started eu and after loggin in i restarted xfire and all worked fine. hope this tip with...
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    need help

    i got that error the first time too, but then eu keeps crashing at a black screen before the login screen shows up. tried also to reinstall but no changes
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    I crash evertime I launch EU

    tried that like wrote above with uninstalling etc, but no changes, eu keeps crashing at black screen before i get the login screen.
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    wow, the pic looks really nice greetings jens

    wow, the pic looks really nice greetings jens
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    I crash evertime I launch EU

    hi there, my last playtime was last night, all was working good, after the new update today VU 10.3 eu keeps crashing before i get the login screen, so there is something wrong with the code i think.
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    Really strange bug at soc terminal

    sure i did. and yesterday my info was still ok. i dont know why there was standing 3 times a different info
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    Really strange bug at soc terminal

    That was a really strange bug. got the message that i'm not longer general because of non-electable. so i looked to my info and had the info of an other soc member in my info, also the non-electable of that member. i changed the info, and got after a few minutes another info from an other soc...
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    FYI: New VU 10.0.6 CTD

    lol, just read on another thread, that this update should solve the keymapping-bug permanently. hmm, now it keeps crashing more then before.
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    FYI: New VU 10.0.6 CTD

    getting a crash after login, can see a bit, but not only 1 min over and crashed. before the update is was running more stable
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    bugs version 10.0.4

    Hi all, following problems i had before and also after the update, but i got fixed them. I had some items from inventory put to screen, thats why eu still crashed on my pc, my cousin helped me to remove them and now i have no crashes anymore. So remind: ONLY DEFAULT ICONS ON SCREEN to get no...
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    Help: Log in problems after the mini-update done at 25th August

    Hello, I'm also in this club, could login only once last night, til then still crashes, my cousin tried on my pc to login, no problems. I use also a GC and filed already a support case which was updated really fast and also closed. They know about it and it seems the GC is also a part of the...
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    Instant login crash

    If some default icons are missing, the game crashes if i click reset, but it also crashes after 5 round 5 mins. so i can say, its not on my hardware that it crashes. the error must be on the servers
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    Instant login crash

    I have the same problems, WinVista, 2GB RAM, GeForce 7600 GS, after entering my GC number i got crashing to desktop, sometimes i can log in, i'm also thinking its maybe of the limitation of participants, but thats only a guess
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    Entropia Universe Mini-Update

    I have still this problems that the client is crashing after login, dont know what they changed there
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    FYI: After new update Window Mode isn;t working (For me at least)

    same here, can't change window mode at launcher options, and still getting crashes after login again, that really sucks. maybe they fix a problem but bring an other problem back.
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    Amethera Map after VU10

    Hmm, would be not easy then to find OLA 67, but there arent so many places left where it can be. Maybe this map helps also to specify the revive borders. Right now I'm working on eudoria to get there some outposts.
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    Amethera Map after VU10

    I got LA 1-19 and OLA 1-66, also i got all tps, exclude segna because it wont add atm
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    Amethera Map after VU10

    Hello all, here i made a map with all LA and OLA i got. I hope it will be a big help for all of you. Click to enlarge Happy exploring Jens General and Founder of AEU
  25. Amethera Complete Map

    Amethera Complete Map