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    ATH: Mys 2nd ATH is a silent one :yay:

    :cheer: Big gz PM :) :cheer: :yay:
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    Divine Justice Recruiting Again

    This is our recruiting thread ;) Bump :)
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    Mouse problem

    OK, after much tweaking today, I have settled on the following setup for the moment, which seems to give me the best successful-mouse-clickage while being able to see and move, and the best fps. I started with Immortal's base suggestion. Increased my window size to 1280x768x32 (bigger makes a...
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    "loot claim by someone else" bug timeframe

    Did it appear damaged to your socmate? Because I have to say, if I come across a damaged mob, especially one that is over half dead, I just don't shoot it, and if I have to because it attacks me, I already know the loot isn't mine. This has happened to me a few times recently, post VU10...
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    Mouse problem

    OK, just logged in as you suggested, big improvement in clicking and fps :yay: Thank you :) Tweaking now in progress.
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    How many player use MY items ?

    This is how it is for me, and a new one since the last patch, as I am hammering the hotkey, is "Item already equipped". Already equipped? :scratch2: Then why isn't it $%&*^&* working then? :mad:
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    Mouse problem

    All at once? If so I'll try that tomorrow. I can tell you that on my last login earlier this evening I managed to select 'Use system cursor', took me a few minutes and I think it did improve slightly, although not enough to make a real difference. :)
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    Mouse problem

    Thanks DJ :hug: :) Thank goodness for that, I thought it was just me. I tried centering, I also looked into whether the position of the mouse pointer for a successful click was offset in some way, but it doesn't seem to be. I have found that sometimes I am not able to click again where I...
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    VU 10.0 Bug reports

    Not sure if its just me, but ever since VU10 I have had terrible problems clicking successfully on anything in EU with the mouse. Takes me around 20 attempts before my click (right or left) on anything is successfully registered by the game and the required action is performed. This covers...
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    Back to check things out - Couple Ideas

    That might be even better than the original :laugh::laugh::laugh:
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    Back to check things out - Couple Ideas

    No, no, please please please DO post Oleg :D
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    Back to check things out - Couple Ideas

    Erm....... :rolleyes:
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    Back to check things out - Couple Ideas

    Unfortunately (or fortunately for the thread starter lol) most of the threads degenerated to a degree that meant they were deleted. I did have a quick look for you, but I can't find any of my favourites :laugh: There is good reason for the responses in this thread and others, you might just...
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    Back to check things out - Couple Ideas

    OMG so much to choose from... :laugh::laugh::laugh: Where to start....? :D
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    FYI: Nvidia users update your drivers!!!

    Run as admin :)
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    Log on black screen.

    I had that this morning, by chance read a post that mentioned the problem and recommended running as admin, I tried that, rebooted, and it worked, I did manage to get to the login screen :yay: That's the only problem I have managed to fix today :rolleyes: Hope that helps :)
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    Kill Strike

    And another big gratz from me :wtg: :)
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    10K Natural Handgun

    Huge GRATZ Leona :yay:
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    Ultimate VU10 EFD/Rep Whoring Guide POST HERE!

    just...... LOL :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    The End of an Era

    Article: :)
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    FYI: JamhotRadio in Dispatches!

    I see you there Jam, and gz :yay: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: and most importantly: :beerchug: :D
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    Who is with me?

    TY Mega :)) I guess it goes to show that over 3 years is not uncommon.... I have my fingers crossed for all of you, who deserve the same :yay:
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    Who is with me?

    It is with great and genuine regret, and great and genuine surprise, that I have to resign my membership of the club :( How did I do it? By not logging in for some time :) All eye oil. Thanks for the gz and pms afterwards from my friends :) Thanks to Dandy, gd on radar, for being so...
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    Jon Bates on Intimacy and EU

    Necrotastic :D :revive: