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  1. Ehonna

    is semi active if you guys want to find me on facebook look my up by

    is semi active if you guys want to find me on facebook look my up by
  2. Ehonna

    ARGH! Can't get on eu :(

    I'm using an ASUS M70 17-Inch Laptop (2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 Processor, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Drive, Nvidia 9650M GT Graphics, Vista Premium) and I know Adam, I miss everyone and miss eu :( I've also put in a support case
  3. Ehonna

    ARGH! Can't get on eu :(

    Ok first right before version 10 comes out my computer decides to be a *beep* between software and harware issues I couldn't even go on the net for about a month. Then once it was better or so I thought I tried dl eu.. it wasn't better and ended up doing something stupid. I finally got eu...
  4. Ehonna

    Your Favorite VU 9 Memory

    there's been more like that ;) besides the crazy things that would happen on vent mine would be the textures coming in had so much fun playing with clothes. then I got my 8k hof oh and hanging out in twins ring when i was really active :D
  5. Ehonna

    Worlds Best Dresser

    Here's an old pic that I did myself I love playing and changing looks unfortunately my current look isn't the greatest had to start over but it will be ;) the fedora is nissit with generic leather, cognac coat is sopur and brukite, ninja jacket is brukite and leather, storm kolor jeans are...
  6. Ehonna

    I bet 100efd that the robots will nuke the rig...

    I couldn't have said it better +rep
  7. Ehonna

    big mistake

    hmm well I've been playing for 2 and half years, used to deposit mostly because of my coloring but I stopped that a long time ago especially seeing how RL got in the way funny how that happens. Couple weeks ago I got my first big hof of almost 9K :D ofc I'm down to 1k but that's because I spent...
  8. Ehonna

    CE2 was an inside job !

    rofl very entertaining indeed
  9. Ehonna

    Wifes gonna kill me.

    even if support comes tell her anyways I know I'd be upset if my husband (if i had one) made that mistake but I'd be downright pissed if he didn't inform me right away. and would people stop saying she buys shoes you never know jeez.
  10. Ehonna

    ok been inactive on here but now im back ish

    ok been inactive on here but now im back ish
  11. Ehonna

    eu online?

    I've got some progress but different errors oh well lets see what happens later
  12. Ehonna

    eu online?

    ya same here, before i checked ef doh :( maybe I'll get my ex to burn a copy for me and bring it in tomorrow if things don't change :(
  13. Ehonna

    Masks of Distinction . . . with Dimension!

    hmm i think the face being to open in the center doesn't quit work but when you can only mirrior i guess it would. although maybe do the top hf leave the bottom hf open for humanity also very nice :)
  14. Ehonna

    eu online?

    also I tried Questors way and just won't work for me :(
  15. Ehonna

    Entropia Universe Version Update 9.4 Content List

    I'm getting my eu shakes from not being able to come on :(
  16. Ehonna

    eu online?

    I think its more of time when people dl there updates because my ex did it at a certain time like 17:00 central time and got the updates and is in now but I can't do it right now and it sucks
  17. Ehonna

    Masks of Distinction . . . with Dimension!

    Oh my god that is so awesome :D and the leopard is cool as well in the cats I think the tiger would be a popular one.
  18. Ehonna

    Masks of Distinction . . . with Dimension!

    Damn girl you got talent :). Here's also another neat design idea like the dog but how about a dragon? I love dragons and maybe if I get the job in the shop I'll do a personal request. and ofc I mean like the face of the dragon lol.
  19. Ehonna

    John Capital - Knowledge Seeker

    Great article, glad I have something to look forward to on weds again :)
  20. Ehonna

    Masks of Distinction . . . with Dimension!

    consiering how wel the masks are I'd say that is a fair range considering how much people pay for tattoos irl ;)
  21. Ehonna


    I like my trox steak medium rare please :D
  22. Ehonna

    males being females

    alot of guys play F avatars anyways, and I'm sure when they first join they may or probally not aware of the cheaper items or the fact F avatars have so many more varied clothes then guys. I think its more the fact its a virtual reality and you can be anyone who you want to be. And who...
  23. Ehonna


    awesome footage still Jamhot, thanks for the outside news and taking a risk ;)
  24. Ehonna

    Why do you enter the Twin Peaks ring

    Simple. I'm a ringrat. But I have a few reasons lol. 1. Die and skill bio or pk occasionally if people let me lol 2.spam coloring or sell weapons 3. dance with gekke or others but he's the one to usually start it But most importantly because I'm very social I enjoy hanging out and flirting and...
  25. Ehonna

    Does RL weather ever prevent you from playing

    Ok while I never really had trouble because of weather that's because I'm a true winnipegger we just deal the weather and move on. we go from one extreme to another -40-50 C high winds to +30-40 C with high humidity. outside of earthquakes and tsunamis we get it all. but we just deal with it...