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  1. XeroX2

    News: MindArk Signs Deal for Unreal Engine 5 - PRNewswire

    Having worked with both Cryengine 2 and Unreal Engine 5, I would say Unreal Engine is definitely the much more scaleable option. Meaning, if Mindark play their cards right, they could offer graphics settings that easily run on PCs that can currently run EU. What worries me more is, that...
  2. XeroX2

    Suggestion: Loot 3.0 ideas

    The whole "Think before you shoot." part actually used to be by far my most favorite part of the game. However, with the extremely shrapnel heavy loot distribution nowadays I find it quite hard to still find something to hunt. Would you say there is still a selection of mobs available to hunt...
  3. XeroX2

    Eomon Pheromone Levels Rising

    So there are no good young - old LT spawns at the moment?
  4. XeroX2

    Achievement: Level 100 without chipping

    Gratz on getting to level 100! However I agree with the others that there aren't really good ul non-sib blp pistols you can use now. Well, at least you'll get the most out of your Maddox IV now! :yay:
  5. XeroX2

    ATH: 82K osseo

    Gratz that's a well deserved ATH!
  6. XeroX2

    My mining last months

    Yeah I wonder who got the increased tt returns, or rather what sort of playstyle gets them these days. Because the unamped enmatter mining I tried to get to an average tt return with low turnovers just gives the same results you get.
  7. XeroX2

    Being Noob Just Never Ends

    That's a cool music video. :yay:
  8. XeroX2

    Is there such a tool????

    I wish someone would update that EUHunter tool to read the new loot text display system MA implemented! I don't think it would be thaaat hard to do and I would most definitely pay PEDs for it. :wtg:
  9. XeroX2

    FYI: [Steam] Monria Ranked 7th out of 1,499 Games In Greenlight

    Also from the Arkadia website, but not mentioned on your Greenlight page: "Entropia Universe © 2012 is created and owned by MindArk PE AB. All rights reserved ENTROPIA UNIVERSE®, ENTROPIA PLATFORM®, PED® and MINDARK® are registered trademarks of MindArk PE AB." Well we'll see what happens when...
  10. XeroX2

    FYI: [Steam] Monria Ranked 7th out of 1,499 Games In Greenlight

    I just saw Monria in the greenlit games for today. I have no idea how much MindArk/Entropia Developers where involved in setting up that Greenlight page. However seeing how little Entropia or even "PEDs" are mentioned and Monria is owned by players I would say very little. If so it's going to be...
  11. XeroX2

    FYI: [Steam] Monria Ranked 7th out of 1,499 Games In Greenlight

    Personally I thought this page was a fake when I first saw it. I mean it doesn't even mention Entropia Universe, the platform it runs on. I can definitely see how horror+lovecraft+cryengine 2 graphics works well on greenlight/steam. However I highly doubt Monria will ever make it to Steam, and...
  12. XeroX2

    Buying: Dante

    That was quick. lol
  13. XeroX2

    Newbie Mining Profit Log

    hmmmm some people start out with more PED on their card than others. :ahh: However I'd divide those by 10 as well to get a realistic noob budged aka 200ped bankroll and 50ped runs. However having 10x the bankroll will make it easier to profit ofc. :)
  14. XeroX2

    Planet Toulan to become first ever Arabian 3D MMO developed in the Arab World - Zawya (subscription)

    Well I would agree with you, if the launch date on their website wasn't as vague as "2013". lol If their plans go so wrong that they miss the YEAR they intend to launch in, then that is a problem. Especially if they don't change the picture after knowing that they can't make it, which they...
  15. XeroX2

    FYI: Fantastic 3 team hunting log

    Run No. 17 will be the one to give you a nice HOF. With that set I think it might be a good idea to switch to some ul weapons like philosophers swords and try to avoid paying constant (L) MU for 3 hunters. o,0
  16. XeroX2

    annoying daily missions

    Well there are two options, the first one is that you have a higher turnover than the daily missions can provide you with guns for. And I mean that turnover is not really THAT high. If other planets introduce their daily missions and aren't as carefull about balancing this as the Caly team have...
  17. XeroX2

    annoying daily missions

    I think the word you used there: opportunity shows really well how flawed this comparison with sovjet russia etc. is. Everyone is given the opportunity to get relatively equal equiptment without spending much money. However you can also use 100$s of dollars to gain an economical advantage over...
  18. XeroX2

    RockTropia might go into hibernation just like NI it seems. Can anyone confirm?

    A MEGA LOOT MOB - FREE DOWNLOAD Really? :laugh:
  19. XeroX2

    Buying: Tokens (Combat/Daily/Mission)

    Uhm daily tokens aren't tradeable? lol
  20. XeroX2

    Low level weapon selection based on DPP

    I'm using the bukins blade a lot, it's free and pretty much the perfect UL finisher for mid level because of 70 attacks/min and decent main weapon for low level missions.
  21. XeroX2

    Should ALL useable items be crafted only

    IMHO this problem would be smaller than you might anticipate, simply because lots of people play EU in a kind of.... stupid way. So they would still be providing quite some demand. It would certainly be less, so I agree with you that higher level items shouldn't be available from an NPC like...
  22. XeroX2

    Should ALL useable items be crafted only

    hmm I'd say MA was actually going in that general direction ~ during VU10. However the vast majority of the population hated it (because they can't be bothered to craft duh). So it seems to me like they are going into the opposite direction with weapon+armor mission rewards that can be obtained...
  23. XeroX2

    Selling: 1/2 priced skills

    Oh sweet finally a use for the 10.98ped esi I looted from a warrior. I'd like to buy RDA at 1/2 price to fill it. :) I've sent a friend request in-game, but you can also pm me here to let me know when you are online.
  24. XeroX2

    Selling: Gravis GLR-33

    So I take it this one doesn't have SIB then? ;)
  25. XeroX2

    FYI: CDF Fincer z25(L) worthless

    hmmm I'd expect pre-amped finders to decay kinda quickly, perhaps MA will put regular ones in the trader later on which last longer. However the high token pricepoint on the finders is kinda weird... so the price seems wrong, but not really the decay.