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  1. Mits

    Mits Live Now!

    DJ Mits Live Now With Some Classic Rock!
  2. Mits

    DJ CiCi

    Bumping up the friday! Once again, you hear DJ Yoshii, DJ Raj and DJ Cici =)
  3. Mits

    DJ CiCi

    Woooo Bumping up the friday!
  4. Mits

    Bonnies Brand New Show!

    Dancing On!! =D
  5. Mits

    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    Whats floats here now is... =) :lolup:
  6. Mits

    Info: Tuesday Program On Atlas Haven Radio

    Hello fellow entropians! Here's the Program For 5-2-2013 For Atlas Haven Radio! We'll Start with DJ Yoshii in the morning by 12:00 with awesome music has always, After that we got DJ David with the 2-Fers Tuesday Rocking out the air waves too, And for the end DJ Mits will bring you some Rock...
  7. Mits

    Mister Calypso 2012

    Mister Calypso Video Hello there, greetings from Atlas Haven Radio, Here's the youtube link the the Mister Calypso Competition made by Cuilwen Evey. Enjoy
  8. Mits

    The beast

    *evil laugh* ^^
  9. Mits

    Virtual people to get ID checks

    Del they're just seeing faces and behaviours, not Info my man : ) For Now.. Muhahahah!
  10. Mits

    Selling: Selling Lvl5 Amp BP 100QR

    bump biddy bump
  11. Mits

    Selling: Selling Lvl5 Amp BP 100QR

    bump :yay:
  12. Mits

    Selling: Selling Lvl5 Amp BP 100QR

    Bump bump :)
  13. Mits

    Selling: Selling Lvl5 Amp BP 100QR

    Yeap thats right, selling lvl5 Amp BP QR at 100. Pm me if interested. Mits.
  14. Mits

    Entropia Universe 12.0.0 Release Notes

    jeeez people, its lootable so.. Motherships will not be that easy to destroy, they are not that dumb, chilll ya horses.
  15. Mits

    is it down?

    RL is boring
  16. Mits

    is it down?

    They Finaly managed to flee with our money...
  17. Mits

    Info: Atlas Island Day - 21st April

    oh Home Sweet Home. Happy Birthday Boldar Land.
  18. Mits

    I am looking for a society.

    Temporal Destinies is the place to be then : )
  19. Mits

    EVE Online ?

    Every that plays EVE can Add, i'll be more then welcome to make you questions about the game : D Mits Pereira
  20. Mits

    EVE Online ?

    who cares its free playing! And what will they take a ship? Isk? Make an insurance, Mine more :D
  21. Mits

    EVE Online ?

    Lol, look I play EU for years, I kow how to handle a Market. Besides I only talk and do business with my corp.
  22. Mits

    EVE Online ?

    I believe 70% of the EU people have tried Lineage 2
  23. Mits

    EVE Online ?

    Every1 can read, so avoid scamms lol, most of things about scamms you guys said, I cant even imagine to happen. people must be a little stupid to fall on some :b
  24. Mits

    EVE Online ?

    Hello there, I've been playing EVE for about 2 weeks or so, i'm starting to understand some things there.. First, ALL mission can be done with Team Work, and you Have missions for ALL player levels, and yes, thats huge. About the Scamming people talk about here, I aint seen nothing, how can ou...
  25. Mits

    Looking For Renato siprize Coelho

    Found the Guy, thanks Every1. May the Rock be with ya'll.