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  1. Adamas

    Ayida Island Presents Double Codex Mayhem!!!

    I finish 2nd in an event the other day but my name isn't listed as having gained points? :(
  2. Adamas

    How to remove my shadowban?

    How could they disagree with my statement? :) All I said was the following... TL-DR - Players: Ask for small changes to improve game experience. MA: That is a great Idea but we don't care and we're working on something else. Also MA: We're always looking to expand the player base but will not...
  3. Adamas

    How to remove my shadowban?

    Well it also means that MA doesn't see my comment. Kind of goes against their big new 'better communication' plan. ;)
  4. Adamas

    How to remove my shadowban?

    I've been shadow banned from posting comments on EU's youtube channel. Only I can see my comments and no one else can. I asked a few people and none of them could see my comment. I logged in with another account and could post fine but my main account has been shadow banned. No I didn't post...
  5. Adamas

    New JACKPOT Event on OLA40, Atrox Valley: Akmuul Island TP, north-west (Calypso, 232, 283)

    So basically no globals count until Sept 25th?
  6. Adamas

    An administrator has blocked your acces to application for safety

    My AVG anti-virus software denied me access to the file. Said something it about being bad and they were looking into it. While I was reading these forums the AVG popped up again said it was analyzed and they said it was good to go. Problem solved for me. Good luck with others having the same...
  7. Adamas

    Entropia Gold's NEW Event: HOFF's HOF OFF - 5 Land Areas & 5 Different Mobs!

    Register: Usurper Adamas Sheridan Book Dad LBB
  8. Adamas

    Entropia Universe 17.2.2a Release Notes

    Why is there no in game news about patch notes? Why do I have to come here to see what happened?
  9. Adamas

    Zip's Pure Peds Payouts!

    Register - Usurper Adamas Sheridan I don't now if you have to register but figured it doesn't hurt. :)
  10. Adamas

    Calamusoid Mission Info And Such

    How do I get the boss mob to spawn in Lahar? Is there a trick to get him to spawn? Edit: Nevermind it seems you just keep killing until it happens.
  11. Adamas

    Santa's Secret Code - WIN UP TO 2,000 PED for every HOF 500 and Greater!!!

    Register: Usurper Adamas Sheridan
  12. Adamas

    That Freaking Cold Place - Neconu Slaughter: 500+ HOFs PAY BIG $$$

    You should modify the first post to say the event has ended. I read the whole thing and then when I went to the last page to register (I could have just replied from the first page) I seen that the event had ended. :)
  13. Adamas

    Entropia Universe 17.0 Release Notes

    This sounds horrible and annoying as hell! I'm always getting warning messages and switching items. If this pops up constantly it is going to get annoying really fast! HOW/WHY is there no option to just leave this message in the chat window?
  14. Adamas

    EntropiaInvest's Cold Treasure Vault (Hunting + Mining)

    Nevermind. I've already registered
  15. Adamas

    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Registration Thread (2018 +)

    !Register Usurper Adamas Sheridan
  16. Adamas

    Zip's weekly ongoing 30% backtax event!

    Register me please: Usurper Adamas Sheridan
  17. Adamas

    Planet Calypso Content Release 2019.0.4

    What does this mean? If we could get in before the update can we still get in?
  18. Adamas

    Support failed me - Any suggestions?

    Update I got all my paper work together and I'm applying for an ID on Tuesday(Monday is a Holiday). So I requested my Gold Card verification be removed b/c I tried to log into the website to deposit money but it gave me a 'bad code' error twice in a row so I gave up and then filed my support...
  19. Adamas

    Support failed me - Any suggestions?

    Exactly! They have no idea what I look like. Shouldn't something like a T4(Income tax form thingy), a utility bill, a bank statement be enough? Or the fact that my own Father and brother play the game and could just confirm who I am. I mean it would be quite the conspiracy for 3 people with the...
  20. Adamas

    Support failed me - Any suggestions?

    LOL Well ya there is interest and normal stuff like that but they charge you for things like use of a debt machine and crap like that. You know how the banks nickel and dime ya. :)
  21. Adamas

    Support failed me - Any suggestions?

    hehe. I think if I was in jail they'd make me get ID. :P I pay $4 a month in banking fees why would I get a new account just because mine is old? Secondly why do I need an ID to be a productive adult? I pay my rent, I go to work, I pay my taxes. What part of MY life requires PhotoID? Whenever I...
  22. Adamas

    Support failed me - Any suggestions?

    hehe. I do rarely leave my house. :) I've been to bars a few times never asked for ID. Also the beer store has never asked me for ID but I never really bought it when I was younger so since I'm older now I'm never asked. Never flown anywhere or stayed at a hotel. I know I live a different kind...
  23. Adamas

    Support failed me - Any suggestions?

    I think my parents set up my Bank account when I was a kid so I've just always had it. I'm old, things were different back in the day. :)