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  1. Hijacker27

    Skill Trade Terminal (?)

    Increase normal esi drop rate by 2 and add a lower class esi to tt that drops skill tt by 50% instead of 10%. Allows people to chip out and sell lower value skills without losing all the value to esi markup.
  2. Hijacker27

    News: Halloween Mayhem 2023 Extension

    Vendor restock too please? :D
  3. Hijacker27

    Achievement: 1st to lvl500

    Skills still get harder to gain as you go up in level but it 'kinda' levels off after 13K or so. There is data going up to 71K skill points (the higher end points coming from the legend himself)
  4. Hijacker27

    Achievement: 1st to lvl500

    Ya, but what about your sweat gatherer level?????
  5. Hijacker27

    News: Server Downtime for Patch

    Mayhem vendor restock?
  6. Hijacker27

    News: Halloween Mayhem 2023

    And also maybe put some actual items in the vendor?
  7. Hijacker27

    News: I've created an Instagram focusing on the development in Unreal Engine 5

    The word for this is 'arrogance', and has been a long running theme in all of Mindarks endeavors.
  8. Hijacker27

    News: Halloween Mayhem 2023

    They've all been replaced by AI, this is what you get with budget ChatGPT
  9. Hijacker27

    Suggestion: Can we please get some more Item sinks in this game???

    Nanocubes helped a lot until rocktropia added them back to the tt for a few weeks...
  10. Hijacker27

    Help: Please clarify the intended mechanics of the TWEN Token Vendor

    Its almost like they have no clue how to do anything properly.
  11. Hijacker27

    Info: Yog Horror 2.0?

    Yeah, you have to air their dirty laundry so they stop wearing the same dirty underwear every day...
  12. Hijacker27

    EWE300 Ambush

    Finally them bots paid out for you!
  13. Hijacker27

    Suggestion: The new FAP´s

    The person healed does get the buff...
  14. Hijacker27

    Suggestion: None LA´s

    I'm going to Forgo answering that
  15. Hijacker27

    Suggestion: None LA´s

    Yeahhhhhh... MA has confirmed taxes are extra and actual player tests have confirmed it too... Anyone pretending it isn't extra is ignorant or lying
  16. Hijacker27

    Suggestion: None LA´s

    In a non LA area tax is 0% (obviously MA has their rake based on looter/efficiency). LA tax in ON TOP of this
  17. Hijacker27

    Suggestion: Amps

    If they do I hope they're lower efficiency and dpp than current L offerings so those don't end up being tt food like everything else.
  18. Hijacker27

    No Evade on Shared Loot ?

    There is a difference between you evaded and they missed. 'They missed' events are mob specific and independant of your evader level and is set per mob, this may be what is different. 'You evaded' is based on your evader level and goes from 0% at lower level than the mob up to 50% or so once...
  19. Hijacker27

    Suggestion: We need better protections against luring

    The point of the thread has nothing to do with people getting shot in pvp, it is to do with people getting picked up with quads against their own will and being flown into lootable pvp in space and then killed and looted.
  20. Hijacker27

    Skildek Decimator - What Does It Drop From ?

    Yeah I loot tons of decimators from neomex
  21. Hijacker27

    Buying: Metallic Bone Replacement Blueprint

    Be prepared to pay 50k ped.
  22. Hijacker27

    News: Planet Calypso Content Release 2023.0.3.0

    They laid off all -1 of their quality assurance testers
  23. Hijacker27

    Suggestion: TWEN Tokens in loot / TWEN Vendor

    Don't know why this isn't the default. It worked VERY well for FEN and everyone was happy.
  24. Hijacker27

    News: Information regarding Withdrawals

    Even better idea! Let us buy webshop stuff with PED directly!! It IS a REAL cash economy right???????
  25. Hijacker27

    Dual HOF

    Lucky Swede! *good luck sucking all that oil lol *