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  1. Fishface

    Mission Galactica - Stage VI Bonus Mission

    caly s/s too short
  2. Fishface

    Radio Stations?

    Radio Arkadia has a few hardware issues, but will be back online. Hopefully soon.
  3. Fishface

    Servers Are Down

    ok, so i get bored sometimes and troll them back :p
  4. Fishface

    Servers Are Down

    what time is that in Central Time?
  5. Fishface

    Info: Mission Galactica

    just noted a typo on the OP, stage 9. Should be metal res, not liver oil.
  6. Fishface

    Info: Mission Galactica

    so as seen in the video, stage 7 will be animal liver oil and stage 9 will be metal residue
  7. Fishface

    Next Island known issues

    Ahhhhhhhhh...the Next Island Real Estate...
  8. Fishface

    Entropia Purge

    It's going to look like people who think they are good at PVP because they shoot at people who dont shoot back?
  9. Fishface

    Baby ATH

    Huge congrats!!!
  10. Fishface

    Cant reach

    You must put the www before it for it to work.
  11. Fishface

    Radio Arkadia Taking over SummerFest

    11 Stages. 900,000 visitors. The largest music fest in the world. Bruno Mars with Aloe Blacc Lady Gaga Brad Paisley with Darius Rucker Luke Bryan with Danielle Bradbery Outkast with Gary Clark Jr One Republic with Mayer Hathorne and American Authors Dave Matthews Band...
  12. Fishface

    Being Noob Just Never Ends

    I'm a forever noob
  13. Fishface

    Being Noob Just Never Ends

    It really is a fun video, if I do say so myself
  14. Fishface

    How organised is your storage?

    very organized in proper order. Unfortunately, that order is chronological. Newest stuff on bottom.
  15. Fishface

    FYI: Smuggler Armor

    You should ask over on ark forum. They are usually pretty good about keeping players informed.
  16. Fishface

    Radio Arkadia Launch Date Revealed

    You sneeeeaaky Little Vampire Princess. (fml)
  17. Fishface

    Introducing the Radio Arkadia dj"s

    It'll be here soon enough. We're just cleaning up a bit of code on the website, signing a few contracts with the royalty people, and setting up encoders and such on the music streams (yes, streams). Won't be long now.
  18. Fishface

    Entropia Universe 14.3 Release Notes

    i dont see any mention of fixing the bug where it mutes my microphone every time i log into the game
  19. Fishface

    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Registration Thread

    !Register Alex Fishface Walton
  20. Fishface

    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Registration Thread

    *error* *error*
  21. Fishface

    Significant drop in success rate

    lol. FML.
  22. Fishface

    Significant drop in success rate

    The fact that Bjorn posted that they are "investigating" it suggests that it is accidental. If it were on purpose, that would presuppose that they didn't foresee that virtually everyone would quit crafting immediately upon seeing the new COS. And while I know that MA has been known to make...
  23. Fishface

    Significant drop in success rate

    This goes way beyond being dynamic. I'll go so far as to call shenanigans. When I go from having a 40-45% success rate to having a 14.3% success rate, this isn't dynamic. It's bullshit. I have no doubt that the long-term TT return is unchanged. But that does no good. The purpose of...
  24. Fishface

    Selling: Mothership Kronan and UL WW BP!!!

    It's been great working with you, SBI. Hope everything goes through as planned. It'll be a strange feeling seeing you and Kronan gone from EFA. Best wishes