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  1. jod

    Help: Who has the Wormhole Chips?

    Hehe yup and didn't you actually come through for me back when I was asking as well :scratch: Don't worry I forget what I had for lunch yesterday so I shouldn't judge. Chip no longer required,thanks anyway and thread can be closed.
  2. jod

    Stevie's Mining Log

    Goodluck with it mate,watching with interest ;) It'd be great if you could get the other AA miners to have a combined log/competition style of thing. not on turnover but just final figure type of thing.
  3. jod

    time and crashes HM

    True... Having a minimum requirement and averaged score is easy,you just do a couple extra to be sure but when you get disqualified for going over and your not even sure how many hours the system has counted is just a recipe for disqualification unless you stop well short of the 40 to be safe...
  4. jod

    Help: Kreltin Hunting Setup

    If you find you need a little more protection,two or three spawning on you can get a bit much for 5b's grab a set of 6c's. They are (L) but last quite a while and offer that extra layer of acid protection that 5b's don't have. With your evade and HP I'd probably just go straight for the 6c's...
  5. jod

    Negative Reputation.. abuse?

    The only neg reps I've had from events was for my amazing ability to apparently kill steal someone on the other side of radar whilst I was using a shortblade :scratch2: Obviously some people just don't know what kill stealing is or they feel every mob is theirs no matter what. Don't lose any...
  6. jod

    What do you think EU needs to be elevated to the next level and become truly great.

    This would certainly make all the difference,whether bad or good it would surely shake things up. Its probably safe to say that if a serious,well funded competitor showed up a very large portion of EU's current playerbase would at least go for a look and if they come back or not is anyone's...
  7. jod

    explosive bps unbalanced and needs nerf

    This is nothing new..... They've been 'selling it off' since forever. They tried selling buildings within EU to RL Banks when they introduced the player owned banks plus the building that used to be in pre-cry Port Atlantis(dont even recall the name,was an online game chat/video company)...
  8. jod

    explosive bps unbalanced and needs nerf

    OK so what your saying is miners need to stop mining and start crafting(if you can call it that) and hunters need to sell all their guns and switch to rockets? :scratch:
  9. jod

    Do we have chronic whiner problem in here?

    Whining?......No. Venting?.......yes occasionally. Constructive criticism?......absolutely. Thoughts,opinions and possible solutions?.......Abso-freakin-lutely! Now is this where I can vent and whine about people saying "I myself" :banghead:
  10. jod

    Uber: Unlimited Stingury

    Thanks for the answer Vi. And you've already outstripped my highest loot with it :duh: I had kinda hoped Skeptic would hold it a little longer and I could buy it back myself around christmas time because it is a very fun toy but oh well,stuff happens. Grats on the re-purchase Narfi,The tiers...
  11. jod

    Uber: Unlimited Stingury

    Nice! I'd hoped it'd find it's way home eventually. Did you find out if it was the one I had or did you get another?
  12. jod

    Discovery: Athenic Ring Adjusted

    Because MA hasn't yet worked out how to stagger drop rates properly? :dunno: Grats though :wtg:
  13. jod

    too suspicious or a kind of scam !?

    Lol exactly,he lost everything including skills but must have the sleipner a different colour ...please :laugh: Was it their Hangar? That would make it even funnier. You were right to be suspicious and I think the name calling just confirms it for me. Only scammers carry on like that when they...
  14. jod

    How to get rid of non-tradeable items - an idea

    A simple NPC to dump this stuff in would be a good idea and some way to get rid of it is gonna be needed sooner or later,probably best just get it done now. SSorage space is already a bit meager without adding to it.
  15. jod

    Help: Get locked out while reading

    PCF cookies don't expire or at least mine never have,I haven't logged in in years.
  16. jod

    Why do we all turn a blind eye to all of the BS?

    From what I've seen and read they aren't actually lootable despite the new message in the Item Info. It seems they just went nuts with the copy/paste rather than actually looking at was in fact lootable.
  17. jod

    Serica Turns 6 Today

    That's the understatement of the century :tongue2: And Congrats of course :wtg:
  18. jod

    Would you play an RCE MMO with a monthly subscription if the economy was a truly closed system?

    If it was actually do-able that way (not saying it isn't) then yeah I'd take a look at it. People would still need to deposit to buy premium items that other players have found so where there's a will there's a way and it would still need a very good 'balance' for these types of items. People...
  19. jod

    Avatar bug related to teleporting ?

    Twerking EU style! This one had me actually laughing out loud,I hope it still works :laugh:
  20. jod

    Avatar bug related to teleporting ?

    when you gotta scratch you gotta scratch :smirk:
  21. jod

    Why do we all turn a blind eye to all of the BS?

    Yes I work for MA,The NSA,CIA,Mossad,ASIO and the National Intelligence Service of Malawi but don't tell anyone :handjob: The reason for that thread was so that people could make a fully informed opinion based on the evidence,myself included. I've never claimed to know everything about EU so I...
  22. jod

    Why do we all turn a blind eye to all of the BS?

    Except for the fact its mostly based on a false premise :duh: As is your response that 'everybody likes them'.(again with the strawman) Its pretty obvious that the player base is split on the issue. To 'debate' you have to look at the evidence objectively to make a fully informed opinion...
  23. jod

    Help: How many User-Bound Items are there in EU

    Wow I wish I'd known about that list before I started,Thanks :ahh: I'll see how much its changed before continuing I guess.
  24. jod

    Help: How many User-Bound Items are there in EU

    I just remembered the name of some of the Carapace items from Arkadia but still need more info on the weapons/armours/plates
  25. jod

    Help: How many User-Bound Items are there in EU

    Thanks for that,I've added them,Have to admit its still a strange one for me.