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  1. Krillzoo

    Can anyone confirm lumis/ferrum exist on Cyrene?

    I appreciate the feedback!. It's not looking too good, unfortunately.
  2. Krillzoo

    Can anyone confirm lumis/ferrum exist on Cyrene?

    Yes, I know this is a question about Cyrene, but the majority of miners follow this forum. Can anyone confirm a hit of lumis leach or ferrum nuts on this planet? In a older VU update thread, the dev clearly states that these two enmatters are planetside. I have located every other resource in...
  3. Krillzoo

    how does it work?

    Does this correlate with rare item drops as well? For example, is a HOF needed to trigger the drop of a rare item, or is in it's own class of drops? I've been weighing this a lot recently. If I have a DPP of 3.2 or greater, am I limiting my odds of rare item drops versus dropping down my DPP and...
  4. Krillzoo

    Mining finder radius fake

    So I've given then this a go for a solid week now. All planetside using eMine FS, which has a range of 54m, set to 27m on LBML. Even mixed a few Lvl3 and Lvl2 amps. Returns are the same as if I was using 54m. It's honestly pretty hilarious to see, after years of being to told always make sure...
  5. Krillzoo

    Info: New forum sucks

    I think the change is great, and was much needed. The old site was clunky and had no responsive design. They even managed to do the migration in a respectable time frame, without completely shitting on the database. The only complaint I have is the logo. It looks terrible how the shadow clips...
  6. Krillzoo

    Suggestion: Global auction without planet transport fee´s

    Space travel really isn't even an issue since the changes they made. They made a huge buffer around planets and space stations. It's like 5 AU of non-lootable space around each planet. I can't tell you the last time I've seen a pirate because it's essentially useless for them at this point. The...
  7. Krillzoo

    Robot Spring offensive

    It's the facility/thing in the center of the robot crater.
  8. Krillzoo

    Share System - Crystal Palace Space Station Shares

    Seems like a good time to ask a question I've always had about the Kretlin young - old dome in CP; Why does that invisible wall exist? If you walk behind the TP you're suddenly in a different part of the dome. Mobs will drop aggro if you cross the wall as well. Is there a reason this is in place?
  9. Krillzoo

    Abandoned sites

    I don't know the answer, but there is abandoned, useless structures from one end of Caly to the other. No npc in the area with a quest to tell the story of why the structure is there, or the lore of the's just there. Another similar thing that has always bugged me, is why they made...
  10. Krillzoo

    Will MA ever run their own game?? Or is it up to passionate players only

    This is the answer. Every large MMO has third party utilities and sites. I think it's more a reflection of a passionate community than a failed developer. However, MA should support these developers by providing them a stable API with actually useful endpoints, along with outreach and communication.
  11. Krillzoo

    *NEW* March Madness : Naga Island (Hunting & Mining)

    Hello, Please register: Krillz Krillzoo Kazoo Thanks!
  12. Krillzoo

    EntropiaFund Bonus Events

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  13. Krillzoo

    EntropiaFund Progressive Jackpot event

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  14. Krillzoo

    Entropiafund Mining Mania

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  15. Krillzoo

    Consolidated release notes for VU 16.1, 2019/03/14

    Does this mean the Philosophers Sword is now ampable?! Hoping to test it out.
  16. Krillzoo

    Terrible LOOT in in-game events & MA's response!

    Oh hey look, It's Messi in another thread ranting about superior he is to everyone else in game. Did you ever have a chance to post your deposit records? Just curious. Was really looking forward to you explaining how to be awesome without depositing tens of thousands of dollars. I'll be...
  17. Krillzoo

    Mayhem tokens

    I've skipped nothing. This thread isn't about about me, and I apologize to the OP for getting off course. This reply is about you consistently putting your two cents in without any conjecture. You always come with the "git gud" mentality, when your background is "git visa". If I'm wrong, I'll...
  18. Krillzoo

    Mayhem tokens

    Thank you for proving my point. You're a clown. Post those depo numbers or stop talking.
  19. Krillzoo

    Mayhem tokens

    Show us rags to riches. Show us "bottom feeders" how the pros do it, depo free. The poors who hunt berys and kerbs. Show us how you started from jack shit and now profit on the regular. Or, will will you actually show us how you depo'd 30k on a transferred alt. Bought a bunch of shit that 90% of...
  20. Krillzoo

    Mayhem tokens

    Screenshot your full depo page or stop talking.
  21. Krillzoo

    Mayhem tokens

    No actually it's just everyday people talking about the game they play with you interjecting in every thread about how awesome you are, jussssssst in case someone wasn't paying attention. You are a narcissist in it's truest form.
  22. Krillzoo

    Mayhem tokens

    That's because literally nobody gives a fuck what you have done in this game besides you lol. You must have multiple mirrors in your house.
  23. Krillzoo

    Please add decay to item description

    Hello, It's great that more information is being provided on items recently. Including efficiency, dps and so on. I figured now would be a great time to request the addition of decay information in item descriptions. This is a vital piece of information and affects every aspect of game play...
  24. Krillzoo

    *Atrax Park* 10 PED per Global Madness!

    Please register: Krillz Krillzoo Kazoo Thanks!
  25. Krillzoo

    270 PED mistake

    Soooo you make a mistake, then you take to the forums to try and publicly humiliate the other person, even though you are the one who fucked up? In my opinion, that makes you more of a cornball than the other person. You should just own your mistakes and pay attention. I think people really...