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    FYI: Minning Log - Road to ath? or Mindark Broken System?

    This is correct, happened to many miners, still rare to happen
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    Hardcore commits the first regicide in Queen's New Lair

    Amazing work ! i saw it live with almost all the try. There was a race to the world first vibe watching this, reward where crazy good, i hope to see more on streaming, thanks for showing us this content !
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    2FA issue ( had to desactivate, and cant activate again )

    Dear Entropia player, i have some issues with 2FA Entropia Pocket. Let me explain chronologically. Yesterday : Installing the app, scanning the QR code on entropia site, synchronisation done. Seem perfect but did not log in game. Today : Trying to log in, the log-in page ask for a code from...
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    News: Announcing Triton Industries Shares

    What the Does more share mean even more cut on our loot ? Or just another split between all the owners ?
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    Selling: Selling A&P Series Mayhem BC-30, modified tier 4

    bump + edited first post acording to offer received
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    ATH: 115354 PED Shrapnel

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    This will make a lot of people upset but we need this.

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    Hunting Is Dead To Me

    What is your gear effciency and looter lvl please ? for curiosity
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    Selling: Selling A&P Series Mayhem BC-30, modified tier 4

    Been away a few months, i don't know how much value changed for this weapon. Thanks for your offer of 0, noted
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    Selling: Selling A&P Series Mayhem BC-30, modified tier 4

    BO : +26300
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    YALT - yet another loot theory

    Ok it is just to make sure because i do the same. Some logs here are far away from their expected return, i don't know what to think.
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    YALT - yet another loot theory

    Your chart is expected return without shrapnel conversion right ?
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    Selling: Robot Easter Bunny, Gold - 32m Autoloot Unlocked, Increased Pet Focus Unlocked, ALL Criteria Met - SB added 5/8

    i start with 300, no idea how those shit work but i saw pet selling for 100 peds so i guess its a good start, if its worth more, someone gonna bid over me. Gl with the sale
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    Crafting log when disconnect

    Must be very hard to do, maybe for UE5.
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    Crafting log when disconnect

    Is this option implemented somewhere and hidden ?
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    Yazuki's hunting log (journey from brand new player to uber)

    My dream gun big gz
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    Buying: LP-40 perfected

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    When your average mid tier player tries to do redulite - It goes pretty bad !

    I hope 290 USD per day was worth the entertainment